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Although this Web page is directed primarily at a WCU audience, many of the resources linked here could be of use to UNC campuses across the system. 

Looking at the seven categories of Major Findings in the UNC Tomorrow report, it appears WCU has already laid a foundation for institutional response in a number of areas.  The AFE-TPR guidelines, as put forward by the Faculty Senate and embodied in a  February template from the Council of Deans, recognize the scholarship of teaching & learning and the importance of civic engagement (draft of potential AFE bullet points).


Regional Economic Development.  Regarding the connection between this university and regional economic development, WCU hosted a Regional Economic Development Summit in February 2003 that provided a nice building block.

There have also been numerous suggestions on ways that the WCU Institute for the Economy and the Future (IEF) could integrate with--and help integrate--various similarly-charged organizational entities around campus. (Other campuses may have similar offices and institutes that could benefit from improved integration.)

Civic Engagement.  Regarding civic engagement, WCU's service learning efforts (and cooperative education) provide a partial foundation in this realm, as do our QEP, our involvement with the American Democracy Project, and, in the early stages, our connection with the Carnegie Foundation (Community Engagement). [Change article about C-E hereChange article on attaining C-E here.]   Perhaps, in conjunction with the ADP and UNC-T, WCU (and other campuses) could consider establishing a center for civic engagement. (Additional national & regional resources here.)



Scholarship of Teaching.   Again, WCU has made significant strides in this domain already, as underscored by the resources posted by the Coulter Faculty Center (SoTL)additional SoTL resources here.



Sustainability.  Thankfully, the demands of this consideration made the cut to one of the seven Major Findings.  For more:


Higher Ed News / GA/FA Resources.