Resources for Ongoing UNC Tomorrow Discussions (draft JWW 1/24/08)


1.                    Sample workshop agenda and discussion group questions (used by UNC-CH for a three-hour workshop involving about 150 faculty members)  (attached)

2.                    Campus Compact resources (service-learning):     

a.           / (national)

b.           (North Carolina state office, at Elon University)

3.                    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching:  Community Engagement Classification


b.                   Articles from Change Magazine (January/February 2008) on Carnegie classification

c.                    Background on NCSU’s community engagement classification:

d.                   Background for UNC-CH’s community engagement classification:


e.                    Resources from GA Workshop on Community Engagement Classification (1/15/08)


4.                Faculty Oriented Programs: (examples, please add)

a.                     Engaged Scholars program at UNC-CH


b.                   Center for Public Service at UNC-CH


c.                    WCU:  Tenure policies incorporate engagement


5.                Student Oriented Programs: (examples; please add)

a.                    “Public Service Scholars” program at UNC-CH


b.                   “apples” service-learning program at UNC-CH


c.                    Campus Y:

6.                Targeted programs re sustainability:


7.             Targeted programs re health

       (NC State AHEC)


8.                Institutional dimensions:  GA

                a.             GA website:  innovations, news and more                             



b.                   Campus structures (see campus reports below)

9.             UNC Tomorrow

a.                UNC Tomorrow campus visit reports


b.               UNC Tomorrow Video:       


c.                UNC Tomorrow final report


d.               Listening forums summaries (regional; faculty)


d.             Scholars Council reports



10.           Roll-out plans

a.                Materials from 1/8/08 BOG meeting:

b.               Recent instructions (attached)