Civic Engagement
The American Democracy Project (ADP), Carnegie, and Other Resources
(& Considering a physical space to serve as a 'Center')

WCU and Beyond.  It is encouraging to see the stars of civic engagement in such close alignment—the stars in this case being the UNC Tomorrow document, our probable application to Carnegie for the ‘Community Engagement’ classification, our commitment to the ADP, and the goals of our QEP.


Perhaps we could consider dedicating a small but special section of Hunter Library to the goals of our QEP--in a prominent location.  Magazines, journals, and books related to civic engagement could be located there (and all relevant applied research and projects with a local emphasis).  Items related to our institutional involvement with the American Democracy Project could be shelved there.  Items related to social, cultural, and political life in Jackson County could be located there.  Perhaps a map of the proposed “Southern Loop,” for example.   Do our students know anything about discussions surrounding the location of our local library, the airport controversy, zoning law debates, downtown redevelopment proposals, local utility issues…?   Even closer to home, do our students know anything about the WCU strategic plan (or our QEP), the proposed ‘campus downtown’, or, for that matter, the Millennial Campus across the road?  Emergency preparedness planning?  How their own student government is supposed to work?


WCU Hunter Library does offer this link:


And WCU American Democracy Website

Here is an idea from Princetona special online listing of all faculty with an interest in/expertise in Civic Engagement:


Beyond just a physical space, here is an example of a civic engagement center from the University of Washington


There is also an entire literature on the use of technology to further civic engagement, for example.


See also:  MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Civic Life Online:

For additional resources, see:



National and Community Service

USA Freedom Corps


Campus Compact

Carnegie Foundation, Political Engagement Project (PEP)

Carolina Center for Public Service  (UNC-CH)
    (Additional examples of engagement from UNCCH)
Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Center for Communication and Civic Engagement (Resources) 

National Constitution Center

Promoting Active Citizenship (Random House)

The Transformative Learning Center

United States Elections Project  (and Resources/Statistics on Voter Turnout)


The word “civic” is mentioned only three times in the WCU QEP document, but I doubt if anyone would or could argue that civic engagement is not a fundamental aspect of that plan.  Concepts like integrative learning, synthesis, pathway to intentional learning, service learning, leadership education, and co-curricular integration are all rich with civic implication.  Institutionally we are committed to being a 'Steward of Place -- and the word “engagement” is mentioned 22 times in our QEP.  So perhaps a  prominent, centralized place in the library might serve to further our goals.  In any event, a few relevant book titles are listed below.

Educating for Democracy: Preparing Undergraduates for Responsible Political Engagement (JB-Carnegie Foundation for the Adavancement of Teaching)Educating for Democracy: Preparing Undergraduates for Responsible Political Engagement (JB-Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching) by Anne Colby, Elizabeth Beaumont, Thomas Ehrlich, and Josh Corngold (Hardcover - Nov 16, 2007)

Why Community Matters: Connecting Education With Civic Life - Nicholas V. Longo

Hearing the Other Side: Deliberative versus Participatory Democracy - Diana C. Mutz

Engaging Youth: Combating the Apathy of Young Americans Toward Politics (Century Foundation Report) - Kevin Mattson

A New Engagement?: Political Participation, Civic Life, and the Changing American Citizen - Cliff Zukin

Why We Vote: How Schools and Communities Shape Our Civic Life (Princeton Studies in American Politics) - David E. Campbell

The Future of Democracy: Developing the Next Generation of American Citizens (Civil Society: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives) - Peter Levine

A Larger Sense of Purpose: Higher Education and Society (The 2003 Clark Kerr Lectures) - Harold T. Shapiro

Higher Education for the Public Good: Emerging Voices from a National Movement (Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education) - Kezar

Quick Hits for Educating Citizens - Thomas Ehrlich

Educating Citizens: Preparing America's Undergraduates for Lives of Moral and Civic Responsibility (JB-Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching) - Anne Colby

Is Voting for Young People? With a Postscript on Citizen Engagement (Great Questions in Politics Series) (2nd Edition) (Great Questions in Politics) - Martin P. Wattenberg


The Good Citizen: How a Younger Generation is Reshaping American Politics
R. J. Dalton