Publishing on Web Server You can upload your web pages with an FTP program or with a web editor that has built-in FTP capabilities. Your web address (URL) on this server is Note that the account name assigned to you will be the same as your mail username (without the

FTP Settings
Host type: Automatic Detect  or Microsoft NT

To set up your page(s)

Place all of your web page files into your directory. You will need to transfer them to your directory using a program such as Fetch (Macintosh) or WS_FTP (Windows). If you use Fetch to upload, be sure to upload all non-text (binary) files, such as graphics (jpeg and gif), as "raw data" rather than as MacBinary.

Your welcome page, or starting point page can be called,





Note that "directory browsing" is not allowed, so home pages named other than the ones listed above will fail to display.

If you want subdirectories

To make the management of files easier, some prefer to have their files and pages accessed via subdirectories. You may choose to do so with the web server using your FTP software (usually by using buttons or menu items).

Scripting and Publishing Databases

Your account directory already has execute permissions.  This permission allows scripts such as asp, pl, cgi to execute in your account directory (note: execute permission is inherited to subdirectories). If you need to publish a database on the web, the server will support Microsoft access.