The Western Carolina University Student/Faculty World Wide Web serverĀ  (paws.wcu.edu) is provided for the publication of web pages by authorized users. We reserve the right to refuse to publish the documents of any user making inappropriate or unreasonable use of this service. In addition, the University does not endorse any of the items published through this service. Decisions regarding appropriateness of use will be based on guidelines in the WCU Policy on the Use of Computers and Data Communications and issues of resource allocation.

Examples of inappropriate or unreasonable use include, but are not limited to:

  • providing copyrighted materials without authorization
  • providing obscene materials
  • providing any materials for personal commercial gain
  • being compensated for providing materials for any party not entitled to utilize Western Carolina University resources
  • providing materials whose nature or volume compromise the ability of the server to serve other users' documents
  • improper or unauthorized use of WCU's name or logos
  • using the web page in a way which violates other WCU policies or applicable state and federal laws

    Users notified of inappropriate usage who fail to correct the situation will lose their web service and potentially all computing privileges. This service is not actively monitored for content. If you feel that web pages are inappropriate or unreasonable, please send reports of inappropriate use to paws@wcu.edu.