ECON 310 Supplemental Materials

Robert F. Mulligan, Ph.D.

Department of Business Computer Information Systems and Economics

Western Carolina University College of Business


Chapter 1 Introduction

Federal Reserve Economic Data

Chapter 2 Economic Efficiency and Markets

NEPA Environmental Quality Statistics

Chapter 3 Government Intervention in Market Failure


Chapter 4 Valuing the Environment

Ullmer and Ha, Threshold Market Analysis of Western North Carolina

Chapter 5 Environmental Decision Making:

Criteria and Methods of Assessment

Mulligan, The North Carolina Human Development Report

Chapter 6 The Macroeconomics of the Environment

Triboro Bridge Cost-Benefit Spreadsheet

Chapter 7 Global Environmental Change:

Ozone Depletion and Global Climate Change


Chapter 8 Energy Production and the Environment

Mulligan and Lombardo, Short Sea Shipping: Alleviating the Environmental Impact of Economic Growth

Chapter 9 The Use of Energy and the Environment


Chapter 12 Temperate Forests

James Jones, Behind Closed Parkway Gates ....

Chapter 14 Biodiversity and Habitat Preservation


Chapter 15 Water Resources