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Measuring Student Knowledge [Spring '06]

What Americans (Don't) Know [August '06]

What It Takes to Make a Student (2006)
NYT Magazine, Paul Tough, Nov. 26, 2006

Spring 2007 FILES

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Expert Systems, examples (Ch. 4 in Haag)

Exsys Demos

Exsys Online Examples


CIS251, Spreadsheet Exercises

Spreadsheet Example, Calculate your interest payments (PPMT)

Spreadsheet Exercise A, In-Class (Sort and Subtotal):
As in class, click link and SAVE TO DISK (a local drive); then open in Excel.
Save all versions of your final sorted spreadsheet used to answer each question below (for example, Travel-Comm.xls, Travel-Price, etc.)
For an illustration of how to use the Sort and Subtotal functions in Excel, see 'Help' link below.

Clickstreams (Advertising With Banner Ads, Case 7, p. 369; but just address my question below)
        a. What is the sum of Total Purchase, broken out (itemized) by previous web site?

Real_Estate (Affordable Homes Real Estate, Case 2, p. 363; but just address my questions below)
        b. What is the average Selling Price of houses by project number?
        c. What is the average Asking Price of  houses by number of bathrooms?

Travel (B&B Travel Consultants, Case 3, p. 364; but just address my questions below)
        d. What is the average Commission per travel agent?
        e. What is the average Package Price by cruise line?

Trevor (Auto Mechanics, Case 1, p. 362; but just address my questions below)
        f. What is the average Total Charge for repair by car type?
        g. What is the average Total Charge by work completed?

HELP: If you are unfamiliar with the DATA, SORT function, click here to see a five-slide PowerPoint explanation (PDF).
(You can also try Subtotal without first using Sort)

Spreadsheet Exercise B (Budget):
»Save the following to local drive and open in Excel:
Spreadsheet Exercise B, Budget (Monthly budget calculations, illustrating DSS)

[From Professor: Download and Show Financial Sheet, Comics -- Not testable]

Spreadsheet Exercise, In-Class (Data Calculation and Presentation):
Design a Spreadsheet presenting 10 years of data reflecting a) graduation rates, and b) student retention rates
Look at the examples after you have sketched your own idea on how to display such data.

WCU Spreadsheet Examples -- go to University Planning, Data, Fact_Book, Retention and Graduation Rates

UNC Institutional Profiles (For universities in the UNC System)

Retention / Graduation statistics exercise (txt file; Using Excel for calculation and display; as discussed in class)

Spreadsheet Example (PDF) -- Westminster College Retention and Graduation Rates

From Professor: Exercise C (Multiple sheet workbook problem) and Show Spreadsheet, Beverage Consumption -- Setting up multiple worksheets, multiple worksheet formatting and calculation, worksheet hyperlinks, and more...

CIS251, Database Exercises 

MS Access
(See handout; files below are in Excel, to be imported into MS Access)
CUSTOMER (type data directly into Access; see handout for numbers)

Midterm Practice database



CIS251, MS Word Exercises

MSWord Exercises (click on .txt version, save to local drive, open in Word, reformat first two pages to look like the PDF file):
Sample Resume, plain text format (.txt)
Sample Resume, the desired look (.PDF)
Sample Resume, solutions (.doc file)


WCU and ITS:
WCU Office of Chief Information Officer Tom Franke  (Computer use; Internet, Network, etc.)
WCU Educational Technologies   (Many student services)
Wireless Networking at WCU     (Planning document)
University Planning Office            (under DATA, note FACTBOOK)

CIS/Tech News, Other Links of Interest:

C|Net News
CNN Technology
Hot Links (Note ARCHIVES)
The Register
Salon, Tech & Business
SciTech Daily
Slate, Technology
Tech Soup
USA Today, Tech News
Wired News, Technology
ZD Technology News
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Google, Directory, Technology
The Technology Source (Michigan Virtual University, now at UNC)

AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals)
AITP, Home
About the organization

Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
IEEE Standards Association
IEEE 802
IEEE History Center
Get IEEE Standards (download)
Other Standards Organizations

WWW Top-Level Domain (TLD) Suffixes
Understanding Domain Names (, Oct. 1999)
Roll Out the New TLD Suffixes  (Computer World, May 2001)
New TLD's Rich for Profiteers  (Ad Age,  Dec 2000)
New Internet Names Right for You?  (, Nov 2001)
Domain name searches (from mega net))

Internet Regulation / Watchdogs
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) 
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

For more on mutual responsibilities...