Selected Links: Student Learning Contracts and Student Responsibility for Learning

- Prof. Gary H. Jones, Western Carolina University



Description and Overview of Learning Contracts (De Montfort University, England)


Definition, brief description, advantages/disadvantages, selected additional resources

(University of Western Australia)


General discussion of Learning Contracts (ESL focus, but general enough to be useful)


Mentor/Mentee “Learning Contracts” (loosely defined) regarding selected internet: courses


"Research Learning Contracts - A Formula for Successful Undergraduate Research Experiences"

Some good suggestions from the Council on Undergraduate Research


A good, brief, outline (basic template) of what a Learning Contract contains (Madigan Army Medical Center)


 Using Learning Contracts in the Classroom

Good Michigan State article, with references


“Assessment As A Learning Process: Using Learning Contracts”

Appears to be a very solid chapter in an e-book from Elsevier (PDF format)


Teaching Tips – Excellent Site from Illinois State

Syllabus Checklist, Learning Contracts, and more… (note the NEA links)









Iowa State reference to AAHE report


Catalysts, Action Plans, and Considerations, with some technology considerations

(University of Washington)


Nice quotes concerning student responsibility for learning


Facilitating responsibility (adult ed oriented, but useful for undergrads as well)


“Take Responsibility for Learning”

-- A Lesson Plan


Student Responsibility, from Penn State


Assign students responsibility for learning (take note, writing instructors)


College student responsibility for learning  (from perhaps 40/60 as a freshman to 60/40 as an upper-level student)


“Accepting Responsibility for Student Learning”

As in, FACULTY accepting greater responsibility for student learning.

This article, by the president of Palomar College, describes a shift from the “Instruction Paradigm” to the “Learning Paradigm” and reminds faculty of their responsibility to foster a pedagogical environment where students are truly encouraged to learn (and, in the context of this Web page, maximize opportunities for students to take their fair share of responsibility for that learning)


Alverno College, “Taking Responsibility for Student Learning” (short write-up on NEA Web site on how responsibility for student learning must be shared; no references)


Students Taking Responsibility for Their Own Learning

Note the link to the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory’s “Critical Issue: Working Toward Student Self-Direction and Personal Efficacy as Educational Goals”


Lifelong Learning:  “Take Responsibility for Your Learning”

With emphasis here on TIME MANAGEMENT (PDF file from UT)


“Turning Teaching Into Learning: The Role of Student Responsibility in the Collegiate Experience” – short article from National Teaching and Learning Forum, with references.

And note reference to CSEQ survey.


North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

ONLINE SURVEY for faculty:  NCRELS Indicators of Engaged Learning


ACPA (American College Personnel Assn) Some good links concerning student responsibility for learning

Journal of College Student Development


Sample business syllabuses