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                                            Link to Oral Presentation Grading Rubric (MS Word; rev. 4/2007)

Writing/Presentation Resources

Sweet Briar College: (time & stress mgt., study skills, & writing) Academic Resource Center
Writer's Free Reference (and additional see below): Reference Resources for Writers
Reference Materials Online
Useful Reference Sites (UT)
Reference Links (ALA)
The Writer's Toolbox
References (for writers)

Business Data and References (Comprehensive lists)
WCU Hunter (best access for journals and magazine articles)

Plain English movement, Federal Government SEC Plain English Handbook (PDF)
Other Government Agencies: Plain Language Guidelines
APA Style Resources See additional resources immediately below
Full-text version of Strunk's classic work Elements of Style (1918) -- Click 'Reference' Tab
 (including Web sites):
Cornell:  Analyzing Information Sources
Virginia Tech:  Bibliography of Links  (& Web evaluation)
Kathy Schrock:  Bibliography of Links
Widener:  Evaluating Web Resources  (with examples)
Virginia Monticino (links)






The National Commission on Writing

The Importance of Good Writing in the Workplace (2004)







 Introduction to the Memorandum ("Did you get the Memo?")

Memoranda -- Introduction & Examples

Some basics about business memos (Web Guru)
Very good description of a memo (UNC-CH; in MS Word format)
Sample business memo (annotated; from
* But limit your own memo to one page, single space. Memo will be from you, student. Headings are optional.
Memo description and example ("Subj:" is sometimes written "Re:" -- either is acceptable)
On Memo Writing, from Purdue University
Legal Memoranda (interesting if you are interested in law school; David Sorkin, John Marshall Law School)






The Business Letter

The basics described

Formatting: Full Block vs. Modified Block

A good example, with brief description
Formatting business letters (UNC-CH; in MS Word format, go to page 4)

A brief discussion, with examples, from OWL, Purdue University

Good basic example of full block format from UW-Madison

A good example of block format from









The Business Presentation

Eight Tips for a Good Presentation

Good general discussion on a half-dozen points to keep in mind

Some pointers from University of Northern Iowa

Presentations Magazine


Link to Oral Presentation Grading Rubric (MS Word; rev. 4/2007)


On the Use of PowerPoint

Click here for some brief discussions of the proper use of Presentation Software (e.g., MS PowerPoint)

PowerPoint:  Boon or Bane







APA -- from our own University Writing Center (recommended)
APA --  very good examples from UnivSoMiss
APA --  from CCC: Headings, Tables, References
APA --  from Northwest Missouri; includes electronic references
APA --  electronic reference examples, from APA
APA-- UW, Stevens Pt; Paper organization; includes a sample paper and sample table at the end

APA Style Resources




The Writing Process / Research Reports
The Writer's Web, University of Richmond (Good links to all aspects of the writing process)
Writing the Research Report (Purdue):  Note "Writing," "Sections," and "Guidelines"

Online Technical Writing: Online Textbook:  Note "Primary Research Report"
(Very comprehensive, including proposals, progress reports, business plans, document design, and more)
Writing Guidelines, Research Papers, more...
(University of Kansas; Note "Writing Your Research" -- very comprehensive)

Sampson's Tips for Writing a Research Paper
(Good general guidelines--but do not follow this organization scheme)
Research Writing (for when you go to graduate school)
UNC Resources (Note:  Handouts, Links, as well as Faculty Resources)
Writing Guides, KU (Note: The Writing Process and Writing Your Research)
Writing Guide: The Research Paper; helpful guidelines (Oregon State)
(Note: Beginning the Writing; Questions about the Nature of Academic Writing)
Bedford Researcher, The Research Paper (checklists on all aspects of the research/writing process)
Bedford Researcher, Research & Writing Links (Note Business Resources)

Research Questions / Getting Started
The Writer's Web, University of Richmond (again)
The Structure of Research
Problem Formulation

The Proposal
Proposal Writer's Guide, University of Michigan Research (Headings; explains things more clearly than our textbook)
The Art of Writing Proposals, SSRC (Note especially Clarity, Context, Methodology, Specify Objectives,
This links to my page of 8 links

Methodology - Overview
Research Methods, American Communication Association
Research Methods, Online Resources
Center for Social Research Methods
Hypothesis Testing and Various Statistical Methods
(Scroll all the way down for a description of Qualitative Methods)
Lengthy listing of methods-related resources, Nova Southeastern
More resources for qualitative research
Another good list of qualitative resources

Some good guidelines for conducting the interview
Primarily related to the job interview, but some good general pointers

Seven additional links to resources on interviewing, Bedford Researcher



Literature Review
Hunter Library -- drop-down menu, database by subject, business (you can connect from off campus)
Example proposal written by professor a few years back (Note "Background" section)
Brief description of the Background section of a paper, University of Michigan
A few tips on conducting the literature review, University of Toronto
Writing Guide from UW--Stevens Point
(Note 'A'-'G' under General Topics, including APA citation examples; note sample citations and sample tables at bottom)

Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, Formatting

Hit Parade of Errors -- Style, Grammar, & Punctuation
11 Rules of Writing
12 Common Errors
[1000] Common Errors in English  (Paul Brians)
Guide to Grammar and Writing (Various Levels of Writing; includes QUIZZES)
Utah Valley SC - OWL Home Page  (includes QUIZZES)
(Resume guidelines, handouts, grammar, punctuation, writing techniques, business communication)
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Purdue):  Handouts & EXERCISES (scroll down)
Quick & (very) basic self-assessment from the Writer's Tool Kit
UVSC - Evaluation Criteria for Written Business Communication
Grammar and Punctuation (Oregon State)
Online Handouts & Reference Tools, Southeastern Louisiana University
UCSB Writing Program: Online Writing Resources (For students and faculty; grammar and style links)
Writing at the University of Toronto (good grammar and style advice)
Advice on Academic Writing -- From Planning to NASA...
General Technical Writing Guidelines (Purdue)
Professional Writing Handouts & Resources (Purdue)
(Scroll to bottom of the screen for examples of  cover letters, resumes, memos & letters)
Example of a Format and Style Guide for Technical Reports (US Navy)

Sites with Writing Handouts

Bedford Researcher, Manuals

Plagiarism Policies and Illustrations
WCU, The Writing Center Online, Research and Documentation
WCU, The Writing Center Online, Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism page  [PDF: Note "Information for Accurate Citations," "How to Paraphrase," " Examples..."]
The Plagiarism SELF TEST
The Faculty Handbook, Section 7.12: "Academic Integrity Policy and Process" (Download FH from here)
University Catalog, "Academic Honesty Policy" (Under Academic Regulations)
Plagiarism articles, examples, and detection tools (Adaptation of web pages created for University of Illinois, U-C, by Sharon Stoerger).
University of Michigan, Academic Integrity, Resources for Instructors (good links; note "Preventing Plagiarism," and "Detecting Problems")
The College of New Jersey, About Plagiarism  (short page offering several examples)
The College of New Jersey, Detailed policy concerning academic dishonesty  (includes useful list of "Don'ts")
Turnitin   (Plagiarism news, and more)
PlagiarismdotOrg (Plagiarism in the digital age)

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A Sample Professional Writing Course at Rutgers
(Includes annotated bibliography, resume, oral presentations, and more...)
Rutgers Business & Technical Writing - 355:322 Writing for Engineers

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