Writing the Research Proposal

Of particular help:
Proposal Preparation and Submission             --   Proposal Writer's Guide (University of Michigan)
How to write a successful grant proposal     --   
'Find How' Resources

For additional help:

The Art of Writing Proposals
A good, brief, narrative description (download; 8 pages)

NSF Guide for Proposal Writing
This is a detailed guide (with a handy table of contents).  Much of this does not apply to this assignment--budget considerations, for example.   But much is useful to us: specifically the Introduction, Criteria for Evaluation, Advice, and Writing the Proposal sections.

The Foundation Center
A short course.

Some Useful Links from Notre Dame
A guide, checklist, and tips--among other resources.

Foundations (of research) -- Research Methods Knowledge Base (see 'Foundations'; note "Language of Research")

Problem Formulation -- Another helpful page from the Knowledge Base

Why Proposals are Rejected -- A list of reasons (U Michigan)