Faculty-Led Study Trip to Germany


Introduction and Overview // Budget and Itinerary // Additional Resources // German and American Schools

Travel Course to Ludwigsburg, GERMANY May 9-25, 2017    

Courses Offered:

HPE 305: Adventure-Based Learning         Dr. Dan Grube

EDEL 446: Digital Literacy       Dr. Nancy Luke

International Partner: Pädagogische Hochschule, Ludwigsburg, GERMANY


Day Trips by Train:

  • Tubingen University
  • Weingarten University and Historic Site
  • Heidelberg Castle

Stuttgart Local Culture (Schools-Related):

  • Tour of and/or Visit to the International IB School
  • Visit Local Schools and Teach/Interact with German School Children

Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg Local Culture:

  • Tour of the Ludwigsburg Palace and Gardens
    • Garden:"Blühendes Barock"
  • Stuttgart Historical Churches and Palaces
  • Stuttgart Kunstmuseum (Art Museum)
  • Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History

Weekend Trip to Bavaria :
(1 Overnight in Berchtesgaden and
3 in Munich)