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This index, compiled by Carl Nuckols following the format used by Karen Baldwin in the most recent previous index published in 1999, contains three listings that span volumes 47 - 51 (2000 - 2004) of the North Carolina Folklore Journal.

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The serial/volume list follows the chronological order of the items published, except for Editors' forewards. It is in this index that each item is identified by a serial number (publication year: sequence within that year). This serial number is then used as the hyper-linked cross-referencing element for the published item in author and subject listings. Following the serial number, each item includes the author, the title, and the volume/issue/inclusive pages to enable you to retrieve or order journal issues.

The author list is alphabetical by name; anonymous and unsigned items are not included in this list.

The subject list is comprehensive for content and descriptive terms, persons' names as content, titles of works mentioned in individual items, geographic place names, and geographic features. The subject list should be read first by the boldfaced primary file terms, and then alphabetically within any section that begins with the boldfaced term.

Copies of indexes from earlier volumes were published in the North Carolina Folklore Journal. The latter of these indexes, as well as back issues beginning with Volume 24, can be ordered from the North Carolina Folklore Society.

  • Volume 9.3 contains an index for volumes 1 to 8 (1948 - 1960) - compiled by T. Barry Buemann

  • Volume 46.1-2 contains an index for volumes 9 to 45 (1961 - 1998) - compiled by Karen Baldwin


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