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All articles and other items, except for Editors' forwards, are compiled in chronological order. See also the Author Listing and Subject Listing.

Volume 47 (2000)

2000:001 No Author. "'Frankie Silver' - a full text of the ballad." 47/1:5-8.

2000:002 McMillon, Bobby. "A Fly in the Amber: Faded Leaves of Time." 47/1:9-14.

2000:003 Davenport, Tom. "On the Making of The Ballad of Frankie Silver." 47/1:15-23.

2000:004 No Author. "The Ballad of Frankie Silver with an epilogue: The Making of a Ballad Singer - transcription of the soundtrack." 47/1:24-53.

2000:005 Patterson, Beverly. "'Give Me the Truth!': The Frankie Silver Story in Contemporary North Carolina." 47/1:54-61.

2000:006 Patterson, Daniel. "The Ballad and the Legends of Frankie Silver: A Search for the Woman's Voice." 47/1:62-71.

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2000:007 Stewart, Polly. "Review of The Ballad of Frankie Silver." 47/1:73-74.

2000:008 Baldwin, Karen. "Carolina Roots - Reminiscence with Reason." 47/2:77-78.

2000:009 Jones, Alice Eley. "West African Spiritualism in North Carolina's Buildings and Crafts." 47/2:79-95.

2000:010 Walser, Richard. "His Worship, the John Kuner ." 47/2:96-110.

2000:011 Sutton, Laura E. "Lydia Lives at the Jamestown Bridge: A 'Vanishing Hitchhiker' in North Carolina." 47/2:119-134.

2000:012 Reuning, Sarah. "Seven Brides for a Single Gown: Communicating Through Clothing in One American Family." 47/2:135-151.

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2000:013 Hemming, Jill. "Walter & Ray Davenport - 1999 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:153-158.

2000:014 Hinson, Glenn and Sally Peterson. "Bishop Dready Manning - 1999 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:159-161.

2000:015 Amspacher, Karen. "Lena Ritter - 1999 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:162-166.

2000:016 White, Jim. "Martin Bland Simpson - 1999 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:167-169.

2000:017 Mansfield, Bill. "David's Red Barn - 1999 Community Traditions Award Citation." 47/2:170-171.

2000:018 Kaplan, Ann B. and Sally Council. "El Pueblo, Inc. - 2000 Community Traditions Award Citation." 47/2:172-176.

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2000:019 Mansfield, Bill. "Emmett Parker Jones - 2000 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:177-178.

2000:020 Zug, Charles G. "Terry" III and Thomas McGowan. "Barry & Allen Huffman - 2000 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:179-181.

2000:021 Yarger, Lisa and Barbara Lau. "Sally Peterson - 2000 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 47/2:182-185.

2000:022 McGowan, Thomas. "Charles G. Zug, III - Induction to the Order of the Long Leaf Pine." 47/2:186-187.

2000:023 Bernhardt, Jack and Todd West. "Review of 'Health & Healing Experiences in North Carolina' Exhibition." 47/2:188-192.

2000:024 Mathews, Holly F. "Review of Herbal Medicine Past and Present." 47/2:193-195.

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2000:025 Gardner, Susan. "Review of Living Stories of Cherokee." 47/2:196-199.

2000:026 Criswell, Stephen. "Review of Documenting Cultural Diversity in the Resurgent American South." 47/2:200-203.

2000:027 Allen, Lucy. "Review of Traditional Musicians of the Central Blue Ridge." 47/2:204-205.

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Volume 48 (2001)

2001:001 Joyner, Charles. "Sharing Traditions: Keynote Address to the South Carolina Tradtional Arts Network First Annual Conference on Folklore, Folklife, and Traditional Arts." 48/1-2:4-13.

2001:002 Perry, Fran Gardner. "The Cement Sculpture Aesthetic: A Photo Essay." 48/1-2:14-21.

2001:003 Matheny, Paul. "Face Vessels and Contemporary South Carolina Folk Pottery." 48/1-2:22-27.

2001:004 McKinley, Gale. "About Fishing, Making Split Oak Baskets, and Other Affairs of Everyday Life: The McKinley Family of Anderson, South Carolina." 48/1-2:28-36.

2001:005 Roper, Don. "Creativity and Ingenuity on the Mill Hill: Reflections on Cotton Mill Toys and Other Objects." 48/1-2:37-46.

2001:006 Deas-Moore, Vennie. "'Come Along, Let's Ride This Train': Santee River Testimonies, Praises, and Songs." 48/1-2:47-58.

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2001:007 Ross, Michelle. "Bluegrass Passion: South Carolina Traditional Music Advocates Jennings and Willie Chestnut, Guy and Tina Faulk." 48/1-2:59-67.

2001:008 Arrants, Julia. "In Search of the Frog's Racoon." 48/1-2:68-79.

2001:009 Taylor, Sadler. "South Carolina Hash: By the Light of the Moon." 48/1-2:80-87.

2001:010 Faulkner, Ervena. "Let Every Morsel Be Good to You: Reflections on My South Carolina Food Traditions." 48/1-2:88-91.

2001:011 Stinson, Craig. "Taqueria El Perico: Mexican Food and Identity in Columbia, South Carolina." 48/1-2:92-101.

2001:012 Schinasi, Michael and Ingrid Vernon. "Taqueria El Perico: la comida mexicana y la indentidad en Columbia, Carolina del Sur." 48/1-2:102-109.

2001:013 Randle, Lisa. "Cultural Tourism in South Carolina." 48/1-2:110-115.

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Volume 49 (2002)

2002:001 McGowan, Thomas. "Representing Cratis Williams: A Review Essay." 49/1:1-33.

2002:002 Smith, Betty. "Mary Jane Queen: Singer and Musician - 2001 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 49/1:34-36.

2002:003 Duncan, Barbara. "Freeman Owle: Storyteller and Stonecarver - 2001 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 49/1:37-39.

2002:004 McGowan, Thomas. "Betty Smith: Another Singer among Singers and Writer among Writers - 2001 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 49/1:40-42.

2002:005 Blethen, Tyler. "Museum of the Cherokee Indian - Qualla Boundary - 2001 Community Traditions Award Citation." 49/1:43-44.

2002:006 Schinasi, Michael and Ingrid Vernon. "El Pueblo, Incorporado - 2000 Community Traditions Award Citation." 49/1:45-49.

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2002:007 Beasley, Brenda Gale. "'Trail of the Whispering Giants': One Man's Monumental Tribute." 49/2:53-64.

2002:008 Zug, Charles G. "Terry" III. "The Thomas McGowan Award." 49/2:65-68.

2002:009 No Author. "Four Beech Mountain Jack Tales." 49/2:69-115.

2002:010 Hanchett, Tom and George Holt. "Briarhoppers: Stringband Musicians - 2002 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 49/2:116-118.

2002:011 Hanchett, Tom and Bob Carlin. "Jim Scancarelli: Musician and Preservationist - 2002 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 49/2:119-121.

2002:012 Hubicki, Wanda. "Charlotte Folk Society - 2002 Community Traditions Award Citation." 49/2:122-123.

2002:013 Parker, Michael. "Review of Mason Jars in the Flood and Other Stories." 49/2:124-127.

2002:014 Martoccia, Randall. "Review of North Carolina's Indian Heritage: The Tuscaroras." 49/2:128-129.

2002:015 Veron, Ingrid. "Book Note for Fat Like Us." 49/2:130.

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Volume 50 (2003)

2003:001 Bernhardt, Jack. "Dedicated to the memory of Tommy Thompson." 50/1-2:1-8.

2003:002 Simpson, Bland. "Tommy Thompson: Collector of Folksongs, Composer, and Banjo Player - 1995 Brown-Hudson Award Citation (Reprinted from NCFJ 42.2, 67-69)." 50/1-2:9-11.

2003:003 Hicks, Orville and Thomas McGowan. "Remembering Ray Hicks." 50/1-2:12-17.

2003:004 Lewis, William. "Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum: Performance Traditions of Historically Black College and University Marching Bands." 50/1-2:18-47.

2003:005 Criswell, Stephen and Samantha McCluney Criswell. "Jesus, Mary, and Frosty: Grady and Katie Costner and the Art of Christmas Yard Displays." 50/1-2:48-61.

2003:006 Baldwin, Karen. "Cultural Tourists at Mardi Gras - On the Cajun Prairie in Louisiana and 'Downeast' in Carolina." 50/1-2:62-91.

2003:007 James, A. Everette Jr. "African American Quilts: Patterns and Codes." 50/1-2:92-101.

2003:008 Newman, Joyce Joines. "Review of 'The Farmer-James Collection of African American Quilts' Exhibit." 50/1-2:102-111.

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Volume 51 (2004)

2004:001 Lau, Barbara. "From Cambodia to Greensboro: Tracing the Journeys of New North Carolinians." 51/1:5-33.

2004:002 Hemming, Jill. "Family Narratives: Reflections on From Cambodia to Greensboro." 51/1:34-35.

2004:003 Wilkes, Wesley and Tim Duffy. "Luther Mayer: Blues Singer - 2003 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 51/1:36-37.

2004:004 Carlin, Bob. "Fred David Olsen: Guitarist - 2003 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 51/1:38-40.

2004:005 Williams, Lesley and Thomas McGowan. "Mary Anne McDonald: Folklorist - 2003 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 51/1:41-44.

2004:006 Prioli, Carmine. "Foundation for Shackleford Horses, Inc. - 2003 Community Traditions Award Citation." 51/1:45-48.

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2004:007 Sky, Cathy Larson. "Review of Sisters of the South CD and the Music Makers Relief Foundation." 51/1:51-53.

2004:008 Moser, Irene. "Review of Sodom Laurel Album." 51/1:54-58.

2004:009 Meredith, Allyn. "Review of Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook and Blue Ridge Music Trails." 51/1:59-62.

2004:010 Sky, Cathy Larson. "Our Web of Connectedness ." 51/2:7-8.

2004:011 Prioli, Carmine. "'I came as a stranger': Ulrich Mack on Harker's Island." 51/2:9-21.

2004:012 Cecelski, David. "Reflections on Ulrich Mack's Inselmenschen-Island People." 51/2:22-34.

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2004:013 Matthews, Burgin. "Bluegrass Meltdown: Mountain Music, Rock and Roll, and Family Tradition in the Music of Ralph Lewis and the Sons of Ralph." 51/2:35-54.

2004:014 Davis, Amy. "Earl and Maxwell Carawan: Musicians - 2004 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 51/2:58-61.

2004:015 Powell, JoAnne and Karen Willis Amspacher. "Connie Mason: Folklorist and Folksinger - 2004 Brown-Hudson Award Citation." 51/2:55-57.

2004:016 Mason, Connie. " The Mailboat - 2004 Community Traditions Award Citation." 51/2:62-63.

2004:017 Prioli, Carmine. "Robert A. Vogel - Certificate of Recognition for Excellence in Preserving Culture Heritage." 51/2:64-66.

2004:018 Wheeler, William J. "Review of Who Owns Native Culture." 51/2:68-71.

2004:019 Compitello, Peter. "Review of Howard Odum's Folklore Odyssey." 51/2:72-74.

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