Robert F. Mulligan, Ph.D. 
Department of Accountancy, Finance, Information Systems, and Economics

Classes I teach:

ECON 231
Introductory Microeconomic Theory and Social Issues

ECON 232
Introductory Macroeconomic Theory and Social Issues

ECON 300

Business and Macroeconomic Forecasting

ECON 303
Money, Financial Markets, and Economic Policy

ECON 310

Natural Resource Economics

ECON 483

Internship in Business Economics

ECON 493/ECON 693
Study Abroad: Europe/
European Business Conditions

MBA 505
Economics and Public Policy

MBA 510
Statistical Analysis for Business

These links contain syllabi and other course materials, including lecture notes and chapter quizzes, for the courses I teach at Western.  If I am not teaching a particular course this semester, the syllabus posted is from the last time I taught that course.

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Todd White scores against Maple Leafs in playoffs, 5-2-2002

Brad Hoover Asheville Citizen-Times 11-29-2000

Josh Jones Kicking Specialist Home Page:

Josh Jones's First Pro Team: Roanoke Steam (AF2 Arena Football), Roanoke VA

Josh Jones's First Pro Field Goal, 4-21-2001

Charles Thomas plays in Asheville, 4-29-2001

Hollie Williams plays for the Blue Ridge Rapids

Ryan Schade Asheville Citizen-Times 5-11-2001

Todd White called up by the Ottawa Senators, 2-19-2001

Todd White - he shoots - he scores, 2-26-2001

Todd White scores against Maple Leafs, 3-3-2001

Todd White recalled, 3-26-2001

Todd White scores on Atlanta as Sens are Thrashed, 4-3-2001

White scores on Iles, 4-6-2001

Todd gains assist against Toronto, 4-7-2001

Senators exercise option on Todd White, 4-20-2001

AITP excels in national competition, 5-2001

Todd White NHL Player of the Month for December 2002, 1-2-2003



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