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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The links below are selective and arbitrary, but they represent a good starting point for discussion in a number of areas related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.   The links and resources below were collected in large part as a product of the WCU Summer Institute, 2003.  See also: Faculty Links



 Scholarship-of-Teaching (WCU, Carnegie, Bloom, Boyer)
 Theories of Learning


Alison Morrison-Shetlar

UCF Faculty Center
UCF Faculty Center Teaching Resources
WCU Technology Mediated Learning (WebCT Info)
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Scholarship of Teaching

WCU - SOTL site
WCU's list of SOTL sites
           M. L. Coulter Faculty Center-Resources
           Coulter FC -- Teaching Resources (note links at bottom; SOTL link)
           Coulter FC -- Teaching and Learning, WEB Resources
           Coulter FC -- Students and Learning (note links at bottom)
           Coulter FC -- Publications and Organizations
           Coulter FC-Articles
           Coulter Open Classroom Project
           Coulter Faculty Center-Departmental Assistance
           WCU Mountain Rise -About the Journal
           WCU Faculty Discussion Forum (Altany)
Carnegie Foundation
Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Carnegie, Taking Learning Seriously
Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching:  CASoTL - HigherEd
Carnegie Foundation - Carnegie Academy for the SoTL (CASTL), Resources
Carnegie, Annotated Bibliography of Teaching & Learning
Carnegie Foundation Publications (SoTL, Disciplinary Styles)
Carnegie Foundation Publications
Bloom's Taxonomy
Bloom's Taxonomy - Learning Skills Program (Univ of Victoria)
Bloom - Major Categories in the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives  (Univ Washington)
Bloom - Educational Psychology Interactive: The Cognitive Domain (Valdosta)
Bloom's Taxonomy (and the three types of learning)
Ernest Boyer & SoTL Related
Boyer, Assessing the Scholarship of Engagement: Adapting Scholarship Reconsidered and Scholarship
Boyer, Issues of Teaching and Learning - Scholarship Revisited (Univ of Western Australia)
Boyer, Scholarship Reconsidered, A Synopsis (Carnegie)
Boyer, The Teaching Professor - Assessing a Decade of Scholarship Reconsidered
Boyer, The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning -- Boyer's Legacy/Scholarly Work
Boyer, Model of Scholarship, Education Scholar - Philosophy
Boyer, Institutionalizing a Broader View of Scholarship Through Boyer's Four Domains-ERIC Digests
Assessed to Evaluate Outreach Faculty for Promotion and Tenure (slide show, Univ of Wisconsin Extension)
Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
AAHE Change
AAC&U, Liberal Education
WCU Mountain Rise -About the Journal
The Teaching Professor (newsletter, Syracuse; campus only)
Additional relevant publications (WCU)...
Selected Centers/Resources
Theory:  Learning Theories, Domains and Concepts (note the related websites link)
Note links to students as learners, bottom of this page (WCU)
Extensive Listing of Centers for Teaching Excellence
Center for Teaching Excellence - Kansas
Center for Teaching Effectiveness - University of Texas at Austin
University of Chicago, Center for Teaching and Learning
Center for Teaching - University of Iowa
Center for Teaching Excellence - Iowa State
Center for Teaching and Learning - Stanford
Center for Support of Teaching and Learning - Syracuse
Center for Support of Teaching and Learning - Syracuse - Resources
Center for Teaching and Learning - UNC Chapel Hill
Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Research, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State
Scholarship of Teaching, BIBLIOGRAPHY (mid-1990s)
Scholarship of Engagement Online -- Annotated Bibliography
Scholarship, forms of and matrix; relationship to university mission (Oregon State)
Scholarship of Teaching, a Practitioner's Perspective (PBL Insight, Vol. 5 No. 2., Samford University)
Disciplinary Styles in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (AAHE)
What is Scholarly Teaching (UTS)
Professional Organizations:
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Electronic Frontier Foundation and John Perry Barlow
AAUP - Academe - Open Course Ware: A Case Study in Institutional Decision Making
AAHE:  Leading Edge Efforts to Improve Teaching and Learning: The Hesburgh Awards (2001)
AAHE:  Three Decades of Lessons on Teaching and Learning (2000)
Selected Articles on Teaching & Learning
Atlantic, The Kept University - 00.03 (Well known Atlantic article)
Atlantic, The Atlantic Online | Education
Atlantic, The Other Crisis in American Education - 91.11
Atlantic, Back From Chaos - 98.03
Atlantic, Back From Chaos (Part Two)
The Atlantic Online | Education (archive of education articles)
Atlantic, American Graffiti - 98.09
The Chronicle: 12/6/2002: Homework? What Homework? Students Seem to Be Spending Less Time Studying Than They Used To
CollegeSource Online : The World's COLLEGE CATALOG Resource
Cooperative Learning Center
Introduction to PBL - (Problem Based Learning)
NCCAT: The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Shibboleths and the Techniques of Technological Idolatries  - Alan Altany
The First Day of Class (UNC-CTL)
Peer Review of Teaching (UN-Lincoln)
101 Things for the First 3 Weeks (UN-Lincoln)
Teaching Tips for TA's (UN-Lincoln)
The National Teaching and Learning Forum, Vol. 10 No. 5 2001 (Note SoTL Article)
Making a difference (little vignette)
The Structure of Success in America - 95.08 (About the ETS)
National Commission On Teaching and America's Future
National Service-Learning Clearinghouse - Higher Education Home
Service Learning Clearinghouse Project
Mod. 12.1 - Evaluations - Formative & Summative
Teachable Moments Main Page
Journal-In-Education - WSJ Community (Wall Street Journal on Education)
Corporatization [of higher education]
Why Johnny Can't Write, Even Though He Went to Princeton, The Chronicle: 1/3/2003 (subscription required):


Theories of Learning
Learning Theory (Wikipedia)
Learning Theories (WideOpenDoor)
How People Learn (ERIC Digest)
Twelve Learning Theories Described
The Virtual Chase Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research
Theories - Sources in IT
Theories of Learning Index
Theories Into Practice (TIP)
Theories TIP The Theories
Theories, learning - 1998
Theories, Learning - Excellent LIST
Theory 1 cognth1
Theory 2 cognth2
Websites for Instructors - LIST - Clemson - Resources



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