Dan Cherry

Associate Professor of Music, Western Carolina University

Trombone and Euphonium Studio



The WCU Trombone Ensemble is the largest it's ever been this Spring - 13 members and counting! Check the Upcoming Events for performance information.

About the WCU Trombone Ensemble:

The WCU Trombone Ensemble provides students with the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform music written and/or arranged specifically for trombones. My goals for this group are to provide students with a positive, high-quality chamber music experience, to increase the students’ appreciation for the musical capabilities of the trombone, and to encourage students to participate as conductors, composers and arrangers as well as performers.

All WCU Trombone Players, both music majors and non-majors, are invited to participate in this group. I encourage you to join us in promoting the trombone and it's wonderful sound - there's nothing in the world of music quite like the blended, sonorous tones of a choir of trombone 'voices'. Besides, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by trombone players as often as possible?

Trombone Ensemble Syllabus