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NRM 140 - Natural Resource Conservation and Management

NRM 320 - Soil Conservation

NRM 352 - Forest Resource Measurements

NRM 440 - Integrated Resource Management

NRM 442 - Natural Resource Policy and Administration

NRM 460 - Watershed Management


Brief Curriculum Vitae

Publication List with PDFs

Assessing Secondary Forest Succession in North Carolina (NSF Funded)

Positioning Field Stations and Marine Laboratories for Emerging Science (NSF Funded)

Dendrobiology (Editorial Board)

Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS)


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Brian D. Kloeppel

Dean, Graduate School and Research
Professor, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources
Western Carolina University
110F Cordelia Camp Building
Cullowhee, NC 28723 USA

Telephone: 828-227-3174
e-mail: bkloeppel@wcu.edu

NRM 460 - Watershed Management
Spring 2013

lectures: MW 9:05 - 9:55 AM, 150 Bardo Arts Center
lab: W 1:00 - 3:00 PM, 322 Stillwell Building

Spring 2013 Syllabus

forest floor sampling video clip
forest floor sampling video clip
soil moisture sampling video clip
soil moisture sampling video clip

wetlands measurement video clip
wetland measurement video clip

Watershed Data and Mapping Resources

Precipitation Dynamics
ClimDB / HydroDB
NOAA National Weather Service Database

Streamflow Dynamics
USGS Real-Time Water Data for the United States
ClimDB / HydroDB

image from www.water.ky.gov
image above from water.ky.gov
What is a watershed? please see animation


Peeks Creek - 2011 January 19

Spring Semester 2011, Peeks Creek near Franklin, North Carolina 19 January 2011, left to right: Ben Collette, Austin Brooks, Wade Johnston, Gray Stanley, AC Courtney, Zak Skipper, Marcus Mentzer, Nathan Heath, Robbie Kreza, TJ Souther, Ian Kennedy, Tyler Ross, Thomas Pagels, Mandi Carringer, Jill Wiggins, Paul Pittman, Dakota Cutshall, Max Simmons, Nonah Cooper, Derek Tahquette, Kraig Metzger, Ethan Henderson, Randy Reinke

Coweeta Hydrologic Lab - 2013 February 23

Spring Semester 2013, Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory near Otto, North Carolina 23 February 2013, left to right: Michael McCloy, Mark Cardona, Brent Mills, Wesley Hall, Jared Parker, Kyle Watkins, Michael Vang, Matthew Yelen, Tommy Johnston, TA Randy Reinke, Peter Richman, Sarah Frymark, Stewart Pickens, Dustin Moffitt, Jonathan Cranshaw, Valery Francis, Chris Griggs, Nathan Hough, Blake Barnett, Forrest Koontz, Erica Bagwell, Nathan Shepherd, Anja Nothdurft, Tucker Clay, Gabby Hovis, David Jones, Tyler Smith, Logan Needham, Mark Goodwin; not pictured: Lauren Casey, Delaney Gatton, Matthew Montgomery

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