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Optical Communications


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Fall 2009
EE 311: System & Electronics Lab

EE 401: Senior Design I

EE 425: Found. Optical Engineering

EE 465: Found. Laser Electronics

Spring 2009
EE 212: Instrumentation & Networks Lab

EE 342: Solid State Electronic Devices

EE 402: Senior Design II

EE 427: Found. Optical Imaging


Hunter Library

University Writing Center

Dr. Weiguo (Bill) Yang

Office: Belk 331
Office Hours: Posted on the office door
Phone: 828-227-2693
E-mail: wyang@email.wcu.edu

Areas of Research Interest:
  • Metamaterials and its applications in opto-electronic devices
  • Multi-spatial-mode semiconductor laser dynamics
  • Optical communications systems and subsystems
  • Education:
  • Ph.D., 1999, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
  • M.A.,1997, Electrical Engineering with minor in Computer Engineering, Princeton University
  • M.S.,1995, Laser Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)
  • B.S.,1992, Applied Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

            After his Ph. D., Dr. Yang joined Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies Inc., in 1999, as Member of Technical Staff doing research in photonic networks including advanced optical channel monitoring for SONET, monolithic active-passive integrated III-V photonic devices, and high-speed, low jitter, multi-spatial-mode passive mode-locked semiconductor lasers. Before joining Western in Fall 2007, he was a Principal Engineer, Lightwave Systems, Ciena Corp., leading research and development in fiber polarization mode dispersion (PMD) realted system issues. His current research interest focuses on low loss metamaterials and its applications to RF, photonic, and optoelectronic devices. He has published 25 journal papers and 33 conference papers and holds 9 U. S. patents awarded or pending.
  • Selected Publications & Presentations:
  • Yang, W. and Dorrer, C. (2009). Ultrafast Pulse Characterization of Semiconductor Single-Section Fabry-Parot Mode-Locked Lasers. The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and The International Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/IQEC), paper CTuQ1 (2009)
  • Yang, W., Martin, A., Adams, R., Zhang, J., and Burbank, K. (2009). Intentional Learning in Core Engineering and Engineering Technology Education. Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, paper AC2009-2061 (2009)
  • Yang, W., Schenk, J. O., and Fiddy, M. A. (2008). Energy Velocity in Negative Group Index Structures. 2008 Slow and Fast Light (SL) Topical Meeting, paper SWB5 (2008)
  • Schenk, J. O., Ingel, R. P., Fiddy, M. A., and Yang, W. (2008). Split Band Edge Structures and Negative Index. 2008 Slow and Fast Light (SL) Topical Meeting, paper SMB6 (2008)
  • Yang, W. (2008). Modulation Property of Multi-Spatial-Mode Semiconductor Mode-Locked Lasers. The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and The International Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/IQEC), paper JThA12 (2008)
  • Yang, W. (2007). An Analytic Approach to Random Phase Error and its Impact on the Performance and Design of Arrayed-Waveguide Gratings. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, v.43, p.568 (2007)
  • Yang, W. (2007). Picosecond dynamics of semiconductor Fabry-Perot lasers: A simplified model. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, v.13, p.1235 (2007)
  • Yang, W., Sauer, N. J., Bernasconi, P. G., and Zhang, L. (2007). Self-mode-locked single-section Fabry-Perot semiconductor lasers at 1.56 um. Applied Optics, v.46, p.113 (2007)
  • Yang, W. (2006). Optical frame timing recovery in a time-multiplexed wavelength-division-multiplexing ring network. Journal of Optical Networking, v.5, p.210-220 (2006)
  • Yang, W. (2006). Analytical Formula for Radio-Frequency Spectral Monitoring of the SONET Frame Alignment Header. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, v.18, p.253 (2006)
  • Bernasconi, P. G., Zhang, L., Yang, W., Sauer, N. J., Buhl, L. L., Sinsky, J. H., Kang, I. Chandrasekhar, S. and Neilson, D. T. (2006). Monolithically Integrated 40-Gb/s Switchable Wavelength Converter. Journal of Lightwave Technology, v.24, p.71 (2006)

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