Guidelines for Concert Reports


MUS 101 – Music Appreciation

Dr. Travis Bennett



1.     Before you attend a concert, you are strongly encouraged to read the “Concert Goer’s Guide” found online at the text book publisher’s website.

2.     Dress in a manner that you will not feel out of place.

3.     Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin.  If you arrive late, or you must leave the hall for any reason during the concert, do so while the performers are offstage, or during applause.

4.     Make sure that all cell phones and other electronic devices are completely silenced!  Accessing your cell phone or handheld device, text messaging, or using a computer is prohibited during the concert.

5.     Applause during the performance occurs when the performer(s) enter the stage and at the end of a complete work, not between movements.  Sometimes, short pieces are grouped together in the printed program.  In this case, applause is customary at the close of the group.  When in doubt…wait!

6.     Often, there will be an intermission.  This is the only time for the audience to leave the hall, unless there is an emergency that is disturbing the performance, i.e. coughing.  If this happens, you should leave the hall as quietly as possible, and return only between completed pieces.

7.    There should be absolutely no talking while the music is being played!

8.     Familiarize yourself with the Concert Report Form before the concert, so that you know what to listen for.  You may take notes discreetly during the performance, but be careful not to disturb or distract those around you.

9.     Be sure to save your program—this will help you complete your report, and you will need to attach a copy of the program to your report when you turn it in.

10. You are required to attend 5 concerts. You are strongly encouraged to attend a variety of concerts, both vocal and instrumental.  If the concert is not on the School of Music calendar, then you must check with me to make sure it is approved.

11. Reports are due by the deadlines in the Course Calendar, but you may turn them in at any time before those deadlines.