Grading and Assignment Information
Investigations in Environmental Geology

Geol 140-02 and 140-06, Fall 2002

20 % Midterm Exam
30 % Final Exam  (cumulative)
50 % Other: quizzes, homework, projects, presentations, class participation, & preparedness

A variety assignment types will play an integral role in your success in this course.  Some assignments will stem from readings, some from group work, some from individual work, etc.  To keep track of your grade in the ‘Other’ category, simply add up all of the points you have earned and divide that by the total number of points possible.  For example, if you have earned 48 of 57 points possible, your grade in the ‘Other’ category is 84%.

All work submitted for this course must meet minimum college-level requirements with respect to writing, clarity, and completeness.   Work submitted that does not meet minimum expectations will not be accepted for evaluation; work that is not accepted may be corrected and resubmitted with a "late" penalty of 20 % per day.  All late work, without an approved excuse, will receive a "late" penalty of 20 % per day (including the weekend and holidays). Unless specified otherwise, all out-of-class written assignments must be word processed (i.e. typed), 12 point font, double spaced, and have one inch margins.  All references used must be cited in a standard reference format.

Plagiarism is the intentional or unintentional use of the ideas or words of
someone else, or another piece of work, without crediting the source.

Be sure you fully understand what constitutes plagiarism (see WCU writing center web site:  Violation of Westerns’s Academic Honesty Policy may result in failure of this course and dismissal from Western Carolina University.

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