A Page of Web Resources to Help Refine our Approach

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List of Potential Assessment Instruments
WCU, Existing Documentation
Selected Standardized Tests, by Subject/Discipline
Selected Surveys/Inventories/Assessments
AAHE (now defunct) on Assessment
AAC&U on Assessment
Selected University Assessment Web Pages, Annotated
Other Assessment-Related Links of Note
Regional Accrediting Associations
List of Potential Assessment Instruments

More Quantitative in Nature
Specific subject/general studies exams, as well as selected attitude surveys, are listed below
Admissions survey (pre-commitment, Web-based)
Freshman Year Experience Survey
New Student Survey
Sophomore Survey
Quantitative Reasoning Quotient (QRQ), James Madison
Scale of Service Learning and Involvement (James Madison)
Information/Computer Literacy (James Madison, ETS)
Classroom assessment
Withdrawing Student Survey
Honors Program Assessment
Student Life Assessment
Student Engagement
Measure of Moral Orientation (MMO)
Student Academic Integrity Survey (see Georgia Tech, Minnesota, UT, others)
Student Spirituality (students' search for meaning and purpose; see UCLA, others)
Service Learning Survey
Healthy Lifestyle Inventory
Student Values / sense of Social Justice 
Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
Writing Assessment
Advising Survey
Senior Survey
Graduating Student Questionnaire
Global Understanding Graduating Senior Survey (George Mason)
Staff Survey
Faculty Survey
Faculty Engagement
Faculty Worklife
Administration Effectiveness (UCSC)
Graduate / Employment Survey
Alumni Survey
Employer Survey
Library Assessment
Other Institutional Records (transcript analyses, Web visit tracking, library/facility use patterns, advising activity records, -- see Wabash College Web site)

More Qualitative in Nature
Writing Assessment (writing as process and product)
Course Assignments
Undergraduate Research programs/products
Embedded classroom techniques
Capstone Courses
Case Studies 
Interviews (Entrance/Exit)
Focus Groups
Related Institutional Documents & Records (self-studies, strategic plans, course evaluations, syllabi analyses)
Faculty recognition/rewards (distinguished service; excellence in teaching)
SoTL / SITL programs

WCU, Existing Assessment-Related Documentation

Millennial Initiative
University Planning, Assessment
Data and Fact Books

Office of the Provost
Provost, Assessment
Graduate Program Assessments
SACS, Reaffirmation of Accreditation
Academic Colleges and Departments

Centers, Services, Offices, and Academic Support
(Writing Center, Technology Assistance Center, Math and Academic tutoring, International Programs and Services)
Coulter Faculty Center
Information Technology
IT Strategies and Planning
IT Governance
IT for Students
Educational Technology (can not find)
Early Academic Alert program (has Web page?)

Links of Interest to Faculty

Selected Standardized Tests, by Subject/Discipline

MFT (ETS Major Field Tests)

AP  (Academic Profile, ETS)  "The College Board and ETS, shared owners of Academic Profile since 1987, will discontinue the test after June 2006. In January 2006, ETS will introduce a successor to Academic Profile, the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) test."

MAPP (Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress, ETS)
"The Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) test is a measure of college-level reading, mathematics, writing, and critical thinking in the context of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The MAPP test is designed for colleges and universities to assess their general education outcomes, so they may improve the quality of instruction and learning. It focuses on the academic skills developed through general education courses, rather than on the knowledge acquired about the subjects taught in these courses. The test [will be] available January 2006."

Criterion Online Writing Evaluation (ETS)

ILT (Information Literacy Test), James Madison

ICT (ETS, Information and Communication Technology) Literacy Assessment

CBASE (College Basic Academic Subjects Examination) University of Missouri
See Buros Institute for review:

CAAP  (Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency)  ACT, Inc.

CLA (Collegiate Learning Assessment [project])  Council for Aid to Education
The CLA measures are uniquely designed to test for reasoning and communications skills that most agree should be one outcome of a college education.

Senior Test in the Major (Various; listed by Truman State)

EIT (Engineering)


Selected Surveys/Inventories/Assessments

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Program) -- very well-established freshman survey out of HERI at UCLA

MAP (Making Achievement Possible), Freshman survey, Ball State

TGI (Teaching Goals Inventory), Tom Angelo
Take the TGI

CIRP HERI Faculty Survey

NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement)

COACHE (Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, Harvard)

FSSE (Faculty Survey of Student Engagement)

IDI  (Intercultural Development Inventory), Wabash;

MMO (Measure of Moral Orientation), University of Iowa; see also Wabash College

CSEQ  (College Student Experience Questionnaire)

CRS (Collegiate Results Survey). For recent graduates [alumni].  National Center for Postsecondary Improvement, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research

Hogan Personality Inventory

Myers Briggs Typology
MB Types explained

AAHE (now defunct) on Assessment 
AAHE  Assessment Forum
    Article:  Shared Responsibilities for Learning
    Selected On-Line Assessment Links
    Assessment Websites


3 decades of lessons on teaching & learning

AAHE: American Association for Higher Educaton, Assessment Forum
AAHE: "Three Decades on Lessons Learned in Teaching and Learning"
AAHE: "Powerful Partnerships: A Shared Responsibility for Learning"  Joint Report

A few AAHE Resources can still be found on other sites:

NTLF (National Teaching and Learning Forum)

Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning 

Seven Steps to Fair Assessment


AAC&U on Assessment

Assessment Links
What is Liberal Learning (with Links)
Programs and Initiatives (note "Greater Expectations")
Greater Expectations
Statement on Liberal Learning


"A Review on the Literature of Assessing Higher Education Quality" (2002)


Selected University Assessment Web Pages, Annotated

Alverno College
Student Assessment as Learning
Learning Outcomes Studies

Ball State
Note Assessment Workbook (below) and Surveys links

Bowling Green State University
Both program and university level; incentives; strategic plan; e-porfolios; learning outcomes; alignment of university and general education learning outcomes; rubrics; reports (every departmental report standardized and posted online).  Form of departmental report:  Learning Outcomes.  a. Learning Outcomes Assessed this Year,  b. Assessment Methods and Procedures,   c. Inferences from Assessments, 
d. Actions Taken/Program Improvements

Clemson University
General statement of the office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment; mission & goals; program review guidelines; academic procedures book (new programs, program modifications); assessment report; performance measures [comprehensive list]
Assessment Links

Florida Gulf Coast University, Retention (with some assessment implications)
Elements of a Retention Program (disparate), Florida Gulf Coast (PDF)

George Mason
Program review guidelines; student learning goals by degree program; four competencies (IT, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning, writing); graduate education assessment; university life assessment

James Madison University
Assessment dictionary; characteristics of an effective assessment program; assessment tips; assessment plan template; motivation research; "assessment day"

Middle Tennessee State
Creating a locally-developed MFT; program review; reviewer's checklist
Major Field Tests
Program Review Checklist (PDF)
Assessment instruments matrix

Northern Arizona Office of Academic Assessment
Assessment workshops; plan; rubrics; using assessment to improve student learning; assessment fair; policies (liberal studies, academic units, courses)

Oberlin Report
Learning in the major; in general education; IR support; integration of assessment into university procedure

Southern Illinois University
Why do assessment; assessing distance education; classroom assessment techniques
Other Assessment Websites

Texas Christian University
Instructions; cycle; school/college mission statement; assessment plans; plan template; list of references

Truman State University Assessment Program
Assessment (student) internships; assessment grants; glossary of terms; portfolio project; student interview project; senior test(s) in the major

University of Colorado at Boulder
Reports from academic units;  methods by academic unit; suggested assessment checklist; links to sustaining an assessment culture, important questions, methods, best practices; reports; history; list of surveys

University of Florida
Measuring University Performance (1995-1999)

UC Santa Cruz, Assessment and Evaluation Links
Guiding principles; planning; administration effectiveness
Links to Higher Education Resources (testing organizations, accreditation organizations, government resources, publications, selected topics, college guides, strategic plans of selected colleges and universities)

UNC State, Information and Computer Literacy

UNC State, Assessment Resources

Wabash College Assessment Toolkit (the Wabash site is essential)

Western Washington University
The Office of Institutional Assessment, Research and Testing contains subunits (offices):  Institutional Assessment and Student Learning, Institutional Research and Resource Planning, Survey Research, Testing Center;
Assessment Plan (38-page plan)
Assessment Links (nice list of links to assessment & institutional effectiveness)

Other Assessment-Related Links of Note

Stanford's National Center for Postsecondary Improvement (NCPI), Site Map

Stanford's Institute for Higher Education Research (SIHER)
SIHER, Excellent, but succinct, list of resources

Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), UCLA

UPenn's Institute for Research on Higher Education

Consortium for Policy Research in Education  (CPRE)
CPRE, Links to Educational Organizations

NCADA (National Academic Advising Association)

Buros Institute (Instrument descriptions, Mental Measurements Yearbook,
Listing of 4,000 test instruments, reviews available)

CBASE and Assessment generally, articles

The TLT Group, Free Resources
TLT Group, Flashlight Collection, Subscriber page

IT Assessment LINKS

NC State Assessment Links

SAUM Assessment Links

Assessment articles, 1990s (some broken links, but titles still valid)

Assessment Links, practical, from NCA

Education Commission of the States (with links to National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, and the National Collaborative for Postsecondary Education Policy)

American Council of Trustees and Alumni
"Can College Accreditation Live Up to Its Promise"  (ACTA, 2002)

NIST Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program
NIST Education Criteria for Performance Excellence -- Helping high schools raise academic standards
Achieve publication, "Rising to the Challenge" (Feb. 2005)

Auditing Higher Education to Improve Quality (Chronicle, 6/20/03)

Regional Accrediting Associations

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools -- Higher Learning Commission

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Some Formative Westminster College work

Westminster College Assessment Rationale and Overview (& NCA accreditation)(PDF)
Writing Assessment plan (Westminster)  (PDF)
Capstone Experience example (Truman State) (PDF)
University Graduating Senior Questionnaire (Truman State) (PDF)
Portfolio idea description (Truman State; PDF)
Strategic Plan Mid-Course Review (Westminster) (June, 1998; PDF)
(Contains various references to assessment)

Sample Academic Department Objectives (Links)  [forthcoming]

1. A graduating-senior survey (to be designed, but we have an extensive pool of questions)

2. A (short) graduating-senior exit interview (mechanics to be determined; possibly by department chairs)

3. Administration of an appropriate standardized exam

4. The student portfolio was mentioned as a possibility

Perhaps as a part of the honors program in some departments
Perhaps in Education, where they are already submitted
Perhaps in various departments as an optional evaluation tool
However, the caution was raised that portfolio assessment can demand significant time and resources
5. Capstone experience
Not a necessarily a course [potentially major logistical and political issues], but an "experience" -- to be defined.  These may provide a valuable encounter for our students, are looked upon favorably by NCA, and may not be difficult to implement on a voluntary, pilot-trial basis.
Regarding the survey and exit interview:
Graduating seniors could be asked a series of questions near the end of their last semester in written survey form, followed up by an interview with their major advisor. Both the survey and the interview could be kept relatively short.  An anonymous survey (but with controlled distribution) would help maximize student candor.  (Coordinate with the Career Center if aspects of the surveys pertain to that area.  The Ethics Committee might look over the survey before distribution.)


Service Learning

Living Values, USA

AAU Summary of the report of the National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education

AAUP Response to the Commission

NEA Response to this report