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FINAL EXAM MATERIALS, 3 Chapters (Note changes from original course outline)

Chapter 13 Outline, Conflict and Negotiation
Chapter 15 Outline, Organizational Culture
Chapter 18 Outline, Employment Relations and Career Dynamics

NOT ON the Exam:
Chapter 11
Chapter 17

Online Textbook Material

Includes Sample Online Exam Questions
Please feel free to click through the PowerPoint slides for additional understanding; HOWEVER, as
before, NOT all PowerPoint material will be on the final exam.  Exam questions will be taken
ONLY from the material appearing in the chapter outlines, which are posted on this website.

Also, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take the practice exam mcq questions that are offered on the publisher's website.  Again, questions relating to material appearing in the chapter outlines are likely to be included on the exam, so why not study them???

Course Outline       


Midterm Exam Materials
Chapters 1, 3, 4 & 8

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Textbook Resources

Textbook resources will be provided online (links below)

(Organizational Behaviour: International Edition, by S. L. McShane & M. A. Von Glinow.


"Student Center" (Includes SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS)
For Practice Exam, click on chapter number, then 'Chapter Quiz' in left column on screen


Click on Individual Chapter number for:

NOTE:  We will cover only selected portions of selected chapters.  Class outlines and notes specifically relating to the midterm and final exams will be occasionally added to this Website over the next two weeks


Text Overview: Publisher's Online Learning Center


Self Assessments (just for fun--some are free, some are not free)



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