Technology at WCU
(Notes from Short Presentation to New Faculty, 8/19/03)


Consider a visit to (& note the new “Tech Talk” folder, 8/03):

MS OUTLOOK, Public Folders, All Public Folders
Also regarding Outlook, note the useful Calendar & Tasks functions (at Shortcuts)
CyberCat Pipeline and WIN – well covered in Orientation sessions
Note "Essential Faculty Links"
Note "New Faculty" Links  (ALL faculty, really), especially at the bottom of this page

Accessing email from offsite:  (, then wcu/username)

Email—double click to set a reminder (flag) – similar to “Tasks”
45 MB limit; to check your folder size (rt click Inbox; rt click Sent)
Accessing Hunter Library databases offsite:  Your ID=SSN01 (your SSN followed by 01)
Accessing office files from offsite—after a fashion…(FTP to your WCU Web site folder)
Organizing your hard drive files (University, College, Department, Classes)
Keeping your email folders lean
Does your college offer a shared network drive?
Sharing a folder with a colleague...
Organizing your email files (Admin-C; Admin-U [benefits, IT, news/pr, programs, policies, schedules/events, student life), Classes, Professional Development

How to forward your VMS email (primarily for students)
And note
Resources for WebCT, Distance Education
Request course setup
IT Services – Infosheet search
Technology Catalog of Support
(Note: Updated version, Catalog of Technology Support, will be online soon, in both PDF and HTML format)
WCU Telecommunications Office (including voicemail instructions)


Other Useful WCU Links

 Coulter Faculty Center
Resources, Articles, Publications, Web Links and more…
HR Training for Faculty and Staff (technological and otherwise)
Centers, Services, Offices and Academic Support
University Planning:  Includes Assessment, Data (Factbooks, Graduation Rates, Organization Charts), Reports, Planning, Surveys
Faculty Handbook Online
University Policies
Student Home Page (Handbook, Calendars & Events, Organizations, etc.)
Academic Advising
Academic Regulations (including academic standing, probation, etc.)


 Some additional potentially useful Web links for WCU faculty

(Including examples of a course objectives matrix, Statement of Expectations and Responsibilities, Grading Criteria and Standards, and selected other links)