Business Ethics
May 2006


Course Outline



Instructor: Gary H. Jones, Ph.D.


Course Resources: 
a.  Business Ethics
                             by J. W. Weiss

                             (Selected material posted on the course website)
       b.  Selected material available on the Web
                               (Links below; to be further described in class)


Objectives of the Course:








Course Orientation



1.  Turn off your mobile phone before coming into class, and put it away until after class.

2.  Anyone who is talking and making it difficult for other students to hear what is being discussed will be, in order:

            - asked to be quiet.

            - moved to another seat

            - sent out of the room

            - expelled from the course

3.  Class attendance is required, and a record of attendance will be taken.

The 25% rule will apply. Anyone absent from class a total of more than 8 hours will not get credit for the course.

4.  You must bring a pen to class. You should also bring a notebook to take notes.

5.  Anyone who attempts to cheat on an exam will automatically receive a grade of zero.  No exceptions.

6. You should not take this course if you are already taking six or more other courses. The need to juggle other classes scheduled at the same time as classes in this course will not excuse your absence from a class in this course.

7.  Make-up classes or tests in other courses may not be used as an excuse for not attending a scheduled class in this course.


Please inform any instructor who attempts to schedule a make-up class, or a test, which would conflict with a scheduled class in this course that you will not be available because you must attend the class in this course.


If such a conflict is nevertheless created, you must inform me before the day the conflict will occur, so that I can take appropriate action.