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Implementation Ideas

"A Different Way to Fight Student Disengagement"
[Article, Inside Higher Ed, April 15, 2008]

St. Lawrence University, Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership

Here is an idea from Princetona special online listing of all faculty with an interest in/expertise in Civic Engagement:


Beyond just a physical space, here is an example of a civic engagement center from the University of Washington


There is also an entire literature on the use of technology to further civic engagement—click here, for example.


See also:  MIT Center for Future Civic Media
Civic Life Online:

Democracy Plaza IUPUI) – mentioned by Mehaffy


WCU has Civic Place, located in the Village, described as “A small living/learning community designed to foster civic engagement;

organized by the Center for Service Learning.”






Organizations (many mentioned by Mehaffy)

American Democracy Project

SourceWatch (the names behind the news)


Spring Academic Affairs Colloquium, 2004:



Campus Compact

Civic Engagement Initiatives

Presidents’ Declaration on Civic Responsibility of Higher Education

R1 Universities and Engaged Scholarship



Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

Youth Voter Turnout, Voting Trends


Commissions Related to Civic Engagement


Congress To Campus


Future of the First Amendment (Knight Foundation)

See also


Geographic (il)literacy



Higher Education for Community Engagement (HENCE)


Kettering Foundation

What Does it Take to Make Democracy Work as it Should?


National Alliance for Civic Education

Resources, Civic Renewal


National Conference on Citizenship

Includes Civic Health Index; impressive list of partners


National Commission on Civic Renewal (Final Report)


National Endowment for Democracy

Supporting Freedom Around the World


PEW Partnership


Saguaro Seminar -- Civic Engagement in America
Includes Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey; social capital and social networking references, surveys


Sustainable Communities Network



US Dept. of Education

Institute of Education Sciences

National Center for Education Statistics

National Assessment of Education Progress

Nation’s Report Card

(Mathematics, Reading, Economics, History, Civics, Science, Writing [new], High School)


Youth Service America

Global Youth Service Day (April 25-27)










A Paradigm Shift from Instruction to Learning [condensed version]

Barr and Tagg

Eric Digest


A New Paradigm for Undergraduate Education

R. B. Barr and J. Tagg (1995)

Original article

PDF version


Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (2000)

Robert Putnam

(But see Hoover Institute article for different perspective)

See also, Wikipedia entry on Putnam

On Robert Putnam’s 2007 study:


Civic Renewal vs. Moral Renewal

(Good summary article out of the Hoover Institution)


“Crafting a Youth ‘Voter Culture’”


“The Election Challenge for Campuses” [Students must lead the effort]


“Presidential Politics and the Student Vote”

(College vs. Non-College)


Voter Turnout Among College Students (article)


POQ article


"Turning Discontent Into Deliberation"


"Citizenship and Democracy"

George L. Mehaffy, Commencement Address UTA, May 2006


The Future of Freedom

Fareed Zakaria







Social Network Analysis

Kennedy School of Government


Kennedy School – Social networks


The Citizen’s Handbook






Voter Turnout/Youth Vote

American National Election Studies:

Current Population Survey:


Youth turnout (CIRCLE):

    Young voters, 2006 elections

Institute of Politics, Harvard (IOP):

Youth Vote Surveys

IOP Youth Survey, Spring 2007

Voter turnout, U.S. Elections Project (LINKS to additional resources):

General description of voter turnout (Wikipedia):

More Voter Turnout Links