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MUS 383 - Fall 2017
Music and Audio in Media Production
TR 2:00-3:15 AM
Class meets in CAT 110B (the recording studio) or in Coulter 374 Coulter 374 (Music Tech Classroom)
Please consult your syllabus regularly for meeting times and locations

You will be assigned 2 hours per week for small group work in CAT 110B (recording studio)
CO 374 (Music Tech Classroom) is equipped with Pro Tools and Adobe Premiere Pro
It is available for lab, Blackboard access, and for quizzes and exams
The lab is open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, 6-10 PM (subject to change).

Instructor: Mr. Jon Henson, Coulter 274, 828-227-2711 (office)
Email address: jhenson@email.wcu.edu
Office hours posted on CO 274, and by appointment

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Frazier, Coulter 354, 828-227-2400 (office),
Email address: bfrazier@email.wcu.edu
Office hours posted on CO 254, and by appointment

Assisted by adjunct professor Shawna Solito
Email address: sss3dragon@gmail.com

CAT 110B Rcording Studio, 828-227-2733 (Dan Gonko, Studio Engineer)

Final  Exam
Monday, December 11, 12:00 to 2:30 PM, Coulter 374 (Location subject to change)

Text Book
"Audio in Media" (Wadsworth Series in Production), by Stanley R. Alten, 9th edition
2011, Wadsworth Pub Co; ISBN: 0-495-09568-0
Available as a rental from the WCU bookstore

Other Reference Sources
Software manuals for "Pro Tools" and "Adobe Premiere Pro" Online
Product and specification sheets in PDF form and other assigned readings and tutorials available via Blackboard

Headphones will be needed for the CO 374 lab. You will need to supply your own headphones.
Note: 1 1/4 inch connector (adapter) will be needed to connect to the mixer at the workstation.
We recommend Audio Technica ATH-M2X "open ear" headphones (about $30).
Available online at http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ATHM2X/

Grading System

A = 92-100
A- = 90-91
B+ = 88-89
B = 82-87
B-  = 80-81
C+ =78-79
C = 72-77
C- = 70-71
D+ = 68-69
D = 62-67
D- = 60-61
F = below 60
(For more information refer to pages 50 and 51 of the WCU Undergraduate Catalog.)

Graded Element

Participation 10%
Quizzes/Worksheets 35%
 Evaluation/Paperwork! 10% 
Projects/Presentations 35% 
Exams 10%

Project Grading Rubric

A - Outstanding
B - Good
C - Acceptable
 D - Poor
F - Unacceptable
Effective, creative presentation. Editing is transparent. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the software interface and the function of the tools. Recording and editing are transparent, without clipping, distortion, overdriven effects, or obvious overprocessing. Generally effective presentation. Minor editing errors only. Demonstrates a clear understanding of the software interface and the function of the tools. Adequate presentation.  Obvious editing errors. Demonstrates only a basic knoweldge of the tools and procedures. Weak presentation. Serious editing errors.  Editing draws attention to itself.   Function of tools and procedures unclear. Did not complete. Persistent editing errors.  Unable to demonstate function of tools and procedures.

Music Tech Classroom Hours (Coulter 374):
(Hours subject to change)

6:00-10:00 P
Closed for recital
6:00-10:00 P
6:00-10:00 P
6:00-10:00 P

383 Article: Musical Physics

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