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Mus 283-01 
Music Technology Methods
Class Schedule - Spring 2005
Please check this page regularly for schedule revisions

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January 10 - First day of class.  Introductions and overview; Exploring the Macintosh: Exploring the Kurzweil K2000 Synthesizer.
Reading assignment: "Experiencing Music Technology" - Preface and Introduction, pages xv-xxviii;

January 12 - People Profiles; Misconceptions and Attitudes; Procedures and Applications: Using HyperCard to create a database of classmates.
Reading assignment: "Experiencing Music Technology" - Viewport I, Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4, pages 1-27

January 17 - NO CLASS.  Martin Luther King Holiday.

January 19 - Operating System Software; Databases, continued.
Reading assignment: Viewpoint II, Module 5, pages 29-58
Project I due: Database of Classmates

January 24 - Software for Communication; Creating simple web pages using HTML tags.
Reading assignment: Module 6, pages 59-79
Project II due: Simple WEB page with text, links, and images.

January 26 - Data Structures for Computers and Networking; Exploring sound on the computer; Sound control panel; Using "SoundEdit 16" or "Peak" audio software
Reading assignment: Module 7, pages 80-95
Project III due: Short voiceover audio file, edited and normalized.

January 31 - The Mechanics of Computers and Networking; Creating simple web pages using Netscape "Composer."
Reading assignment: Module 8, pages 96-118
Project IV due: Simple WEB page with text, links, targets, images, tables, and MIDI and digital audio.

February 2 -  Computer Assisted Instruction in Music (CAI); Exploring "MusiKwiz."
Reading assignment: Viewport III, Module 9, pages 119-162
Written assignment: Prepare 5 multiple choice questions from the reading assignments from Viewport III (pages 119-206).
Project V due: Short quiz on the material from Viewport III made with "MusiKwiz"

February 7 - CAI, continued.  Exploring Exploring "ChartCreator."
Project VI due: Listening guide made with "ChartCreator"

February 9 - Acoustics Primer; Data Structures for Digital Audio and MIDI;  Exploring the K2000 and "Practica Musica"
Reading assignment: Modules 10 and 11, pages 163-182

February 14 - CAI, continued; Exploring "Band-in-a-Box"
Project VII due: A simple MIDI file made with "Band-in-a-Box," and exported as a standard MIDI file.

February 16- Hardware Devices for Music CAI: Input-Output-Process-Storage, the KISS system; Exploring "Music Ace" and "Smart Music"
Reading assignment: Module 12, pages 183-206.

February 21 - Software for Desktop Publishing and Graphics. Exploring the text and vector graphics layers of "Word"
Reading assignment: Viewpoint IV, Module 13, pages 207-237
Written assignment: Bring information about music you are currently studying in your applied lessons.  Include the title, composer, and a brief description of each piece.
Project VIII due: A recital program (in electronic form) incorporating styles with tabs typed in "Word" .

February 23 - MIDTERM EXAM, Viewports I-IV.

February 28 - NO CLASS. Spring Break.

March 2 - NO CLASS. Spring Break

March 7 - Data Structures for Desktop Publishing and Graphics; Hardware devices for Music Publishing;
Graphics Software for Musicians. Demonstration of Layout and Design; Importing graphics into "Word."
Reading assignment: Modules 14 and 15, pages 238-267
Project IX due: A bit mapped graphic image (PICT) incorporating musical themes.

March 9 - Data Structures for Desktop Publishing and Graphics; Exploring the paint layers of "Graphics Converter"
Project X due: Concert flyer (electronic format) with text boxes, bit mapped graphics, and vector shapes.

March 14 - Music Notation Software; Exploring "Finale" - MIDI entry, text and chords.
Reading assignment: Viewpoint V, Module 16, pages 269-309
Project XI due: completed "Finale" tutorial "My Country 'Tis of Thee" (or other lead sheet)

March 16 - Data Structures for Music Notation; Input Devices for Music Notation; "Finale" continued. Using layers.
Project XIII due: completed "Finale" 4-part harmonization of  "My Country 'Tis of Thee"
Reading assignment: Modules 17 and 18, pages 310-339

March  21 - Music Notation Software, continued.  Typesetting for Piano
Project XIV due: "Finale" piano score

March  23 -  Music Notation Software, continued.  Creating a score.
Project XV due: "National Hymn" tutorial score.

March 28 - Music Notation Software, continued; Extracting Parts and Printing.
Project XVI due: "National Hymn" score and representative part, as hard copy print outs.

March 30 - Software for Music Sequencing; "Performer" Demonstration; Exploring "Performer" .mid, .krz and .mov files
Reading assignment: Viewport VI, Module 19, pages 341-383
Project XVII due: Converted MIDI file saved as a "Performer" file.

April 4 - MIDI Data Structures revisited; SMPTE Time Code; Creating a drum groove.
Reading assignment: Module 20, pages 384-406
Project XVIII due: "Performer" tutorial drum groove

April 6 - MIDI Hardware: The KISS MIDI System; Step entry; Edit commands.
Reading assignment: Module 21, pages 407-423
Project XIX due: Completed "Blues in C" tutorial30
April 11 - Enhancing MIDI Hardware; "Performer" continued.
Reading assignment:  Module 22, pages 424-451
Project XX due: "Performer" MIDI orchestration file

April 13 - Software for Capturing, Editing, and Organizing Digital Sounds;  Exploring "SoundEdit"
Reading assignment: Viewport VII, Module 23, pages 453-485
Project XXI due:  Completed "SoundEdit  16" Video Tutorial

April 18 - Data Structures for Digital Audio and Video: Demonstration of Video Capture, "iMovie" and "Final Cut Pro"
Reading assignment: Modules 24 and 25, pages 486-505

April 20 - Hardware for a Digital Audio Workstation; Exploring  "Peak" and "Pro Tools;"  Demonstration of CD "burning" and duplication.
Reading assignment: Module 26, pages 506-526

April  25 - Authoring and Multimedia Software; Data Structures for Authoring in WEB and Multimedia Environments; Multimedia Hardware; Exploring "Powerpoint"
Reading assignment: Viewport VIII, Module 27, 28 and 19, pages 527-630

April  27 - FINAL EXAM (last class). Viewports V-VIII
Project XXII due: "Powerpoint" presentation as a completed portfolio

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