My research involves wildlife habitat and GIS.  My current research is focused on the impacts of development

on ecologically sensitive species including the eastern box turtle and timber rattlesnake.


Female timber rattlesnake trying to get some sun on a cloudy          Jenn Slagle tracking a male timber rattler at Balsam Mountain

morning in the summer of 2007.  Photo by R. Davis                     Preserve (summer 2007).  Photo by Mark Haskett.


NRM 330--Wildlife Management Class.  Bog turtle habitat             Eastern box turtle (female). Haywood county NC

enhancement (aka clearing brush) Spring 2007.


Wildlife camera shot of a white-tailed deer at                                    Wild turkey at Balsam Mtn. Preserve

Balsam Mtn. Preserve                                   


Baby timber rattlesnake very excited to see me and my camera.       Box turtle with a radio transmitter.