growing minds logo Farm to School Resources for Intern I Lesson Pilot Project

Farm to School lesson plans are available on the Growing Minds website at these two locations:
    All About Worms
    Apple Exploration and Apple Market
    Cucumber Exploration
    Potato Exploration
    Garden Planning
    Giving Thanks for Farmers
    Apple Carrot Salad recipe and lesson plan
    Apple Quesadillas with Cabbage Salad recipe and lesson plan
    Cucumber Stacks recipe and lesson plan
    No Cook Tomato Sauce with Pasta recipe and lesson plan
    Sweet Potato Fritters recipe and lesson plan

You may also download the following zipped file of an Alphabet Book lesson plan with supporting materials

Once your lesson has been taught, please do the following:

You may choose to teach any of the lessons on these two websites but the suggested list is given since certain locally-grown foods are available this semester and these lessons focus on those foods. Keep in mind that you may need to modify these lessons to meet the needs of your specific students. If you are teaching upper elementary children, modifications will most likely need to be made (e.g. adjust fit with Common Core and Essential Standards for your grade level).



The primary mission of the Farm to School, Growing Minds, and ASAP organization is to encourage the use of locally-grown food!

Feel free to distribute either or both of these overview materials to those in your school wishing to know more about the Farm to School/Growing Minds project:

If you are willing to have your lesson photographed and/or videotaped, please contact Dr. Luke via email ( to let her know so that she can coordinate with Growing Minds.