1. The Seven Elements of a Digital Story available in PDF format.
  2. PhotoStory: A free Windows tool available for free download from:
    For Mac users see:
  3. IDEA: A Sample assignment for your students (younger students may need help from an adult or an older "tech buddie"). 
    1. Form a 2 or 3 person group
    2. Decide on a story you wish to tell
    3. Storyboard your story! You do not have to do it frame by frame but you should map out a general sequence of images, text, narration or music that matches what you wish to say. Discuss what visuals you will use to tell the story and the narration and/or background music you would like to include. If applicable, write the text you wish to add if you are not using voice to help tell the story.
    4. Use the tools available to you: digital camera, audio recorder, headset, Flip cameras.
    5. Work as a group to construct your story using a common computer and the tool of your choice
  1. Depending on how you wish to tell your story you may select Movie Maker, PhotoStory, or an alternative of you choice. Compare the strengths and limitation of these two free Windows tools:
      • Movie Maker:
        CAN import video, import audio narration and music, import images, add titles to photos and video, add titles before and after visuals
        CAN'T do motion control,
        Is a more complicated tool to some users
      • PhotoStory:
        CAN do motion control, add titles to photos easily, allow easily for narration of individual photos, adjusts narration with background music
        CAN'T import video, add titles before or after photos
        Is less complex but is just for photos and audio (narration and music)
    1. Additional tools that you may find useful:
      • Animoto: ( this free tool requires signup, and for a fee you can subscribe to the "premium" level of use. Animoto can present information in a music video format and kids can create digital stories uploading their voice instead of music. Animoto offers less "control" than Movie Maker or PhotoStory but is a fun tool for students to explore to express their creativity.
      • Make Belief Comix: and also check out the idea for classroom teachers at