Southern Economic Association's
70th Annual Conference
Hyatt Regency Crystal City
Washington, D.C.
November 10-12, 2000

Robert F. Mulligan:   A10A, A82F, D115H, Ch143M, D180P

8:30-10:15 a.m.
Session  10A
Empirical Studies in Industrial Organization
Chairperson:   Gerald Granderson,  Miami University
"Raising Rivals' Costs: The Competition for Order Flow in NYSE - Listed Stocks"
Frederick H. deB. Harris,  Wake Forest University
Thomas H. McInish,  University of Memphis
Robert A. Wood,  University of Memphis
"The Demand for Programs at a College Football Game: OLS and LMS Estimates of Optimal Prices"
Stephen Brooks Jarrell,  Western Carolina University
Robert F. Mulligan,  Western Carolina University
"Patents, R&D, and Spillovers"
James J. Jozefowicz,  Indiana University of Pennsylvania
"An Econometric Model of Firm Location"
Anthony P. Andrews,  Governors State University
Klaus G. Becker,  Texas Tech University
Nicholas G. Rupp,  Valdosta State University
Cynthia Tubb,  University of Tennessee
8:30-10:15 a.m.
Session  82F
Contemporary Research in Austrian Economics III
Chairperson:   Roger Garrison,  Auburn University
"Murray Rothbard's Contributions to Austrian Monetary Theory"
Joseph T. Salerno,  Pace University
"Is f(k)<0? A Lachmannian Challenge to Growth Theory"
Howard Baetjer,  Towson University
"An Empirical Analysis of the Structure of Production"
Robert F. Mulligan,  Western Carolina University
"Sraffa on Hayek: Unexpected Influence"
Carlo Zappia,  University of Siena - Italy
Edward Stringham,  George Mason University
John Robert Subrick,  George Mason University
Tony Carrili,  Hampden-Sydney College
Roger Koppl,  Farleigh Dickinson University
1:30-3:15 p.m.
Session  115H
Macroeconomics II
Chairperson:   Michael R. Dowd,  University of Toledo
"Modeling and Analyzing Business Inventory Practices"
Jay M. Berman,  Bureau of Labor Statistics
"An Empirical Investigation of the Interest Rate and Output Sensitivity of Disaggregated Investment"
Tricia Coxwell,  University of Tennessee
"Predicting Sectoral Recessions Via Monetary Data"
Jean Gauger,  University of Tennessee
Hamzeh Jaradat,  University of Tennessee
"Changes in the Long-Run Relationship Between Hours, Employment, and Output in U.S. Manufacturing"
Stuart Glosser,  University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Larry Filer,  Old Dominion University
Robert F. Mulligan,  Western Carolina University
8:30-10:15 a.m.
Session  143M
Aspects of Production
Chairperson:   Robert F. Mulligan,  Western Carolina University
"Organizational Type and Efficiency in the Costa Rican Coffee Processing Sector"
Roberto Mosheim,  University of Puerto Rico
"Productivity Differences Between Public and Private Firms: The Case of Turkey"
Klaus G. Becker,  Texas Tech University
Serap Asik Turut,  Middle East Technical University
"Maintenance and Repair Expenditures, Capital Intensity and Productive Efficiency in Canadian Manufacturing"
J.K. Mullen,  Clarkson University
Martin Williams,  Northern Illinois University
"Keys to Success in the Internet Economy"
William F. Huneke,  UUNET Technologies and University of Maryland
Elbert V. Bowden,  Appalachian State University
Wasseem Mina,  Georgia State University
12:30-2:15 p.m.
Session  180P
Contemporary Research in Austrian Economics V
Chairperson:   Peter J. Boettke,  George Mason University
"On the Microfoundations of Microeconomics"
Thomas McQuade,  Trinity College
"Private Water Supply in Nineteenth Century London: Re-assessing the Externalities"
Nicola Tynan,  George Mason University
"Competition as a Cognitive Process and the Sources of Law"
Maria Pia Paganelli,  George Mason University
"Labor Market Policies in Transition Countries: an Austrian Economics Assessment"
Horst Feldmann,  Universitat Tubingen - Germany
Veronique de Rugy,  University of Paris
Steven G. Horwitz,  St. Lawrence University
Robert F. Mulligan,  Western Carolina University
Mark Steckbeck,  George Mason University
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