T  H  E       P  U  C  K       S  T  O  P  S       H  E R  E

These are the players whose careers I follow most closely. Many (*) are former Clarkson students I taught in 1993-94; some are Clarksonians I met while teaching there; some I met only after leaving Clarkson. Some have retired from professional hockey; some never played in the pros. In following the Golden Knights after college, I've been able to meet some of their teammates.

# 29 Josh Bartell D

Josh graduated in 1996 and is an admissions counsellor at SUNY Potsdam.  He has volunteer-coached the Knights and does an outstanding job as radio color commentator for their games.  He and his lovely wife Margaret have three beautiful boys.  My guess is they'll all be Knights some day.

# 9 Hugo Belanger LW



Hugo has had an extremely long and distinguished career in both ice and roller hockey.  He is currently with the Birmingham Bulls of the ECHL.  He was player/coach of  the Ft Wayne, Indiana Komets of the IHL.  He has a two-way contract with the Phoenix Mustangs of the WCHL and  was a WCHL all-star and WCHL MVP for 1999.  He plays roller hockey in the summers for the Virginia Vultures of the MLRH.  He formerly played for the now-defunct Long Island Jawz of the RHI.  He is the highest-scoring player in RHI history.

# 34 Chris "Barnyard" Bernard G

The Yard graduated in 1998, majoring in technical communcations, and has played for Binghamton, Mohawk Valley, and the Missouri River Otters of the UHL, Columbus and Fayetteville of the CHL, Roanoke of the ECHL, and Philadelphia of the AHL.  He has the highest win% in NCAA history and was CHL goalie of the week in November 1998. He retired from professional hockey at the end of the 1999-2000 season.  He coached Niagara and Western New England College before coming back to coach SUNY Potsdam. GO YARD!

# 20 Guillaume "Gilley" Besse LW

Gilley has played for the French National Team.

# 32 Kerry "Otis" Blanchard* G

After graduating from Clarkson in 1997, Otis did an MS in Sport Management at Canisius College in Buffalo NY.  He was Director of Ticket Sales for the Amarillio TX Rattlers of the WPHL.

 Chris Brassard

Brass was briefly Barnyard's teammate with the Fayetteville Force of the CHL.  This high-scoring forward from Ontario is having a breakout season in the ECHL, first with the Johnstown Chiefs, then the Pensacola Ice Pilots, and finally with the Mississippi Sea Wolves.

# 9 Chris Cameron* LW

Cammey transferred to SUNY Cortland. After graduating he works in Syracuse.

# 7 Chris Clark RW (C)

Clarkey graduated in 1998 and played for the Calgary and St Johns Flames.  He now plays for the Washington Capitals.

# 7 Craig Conroy C (C)

Craiger played for the AHL & NHL Canadiens before being traded to the St Louis Blues.  He plays for the LA Kings.

# 33 Jason Currie* G

Jason the supergoalie graduated in 1994 and played one year for the Springfield Falcons of the AHL.  He did his MBA at Cornell and worked for Bear Stearns and Bankers Trust in New York and Deutsche Bank in New York and Chicago.  He worked in New York for CIBC, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, but has returned to Ottawa.

# 21 Chris DeRuiter* RW (A)

After graduating in 1996, Roots played for the Canadian National Team and now works in Ottawa.

# 19 Carl Drakensjo RW (A)

Crazy Carl, from Eynebourg, Sweden, graduated in May 2000 and played for the Elmira NY Jackals of the UHL.  Matt Saper was his teammate.

# 32 Steve Dubinsky C

Duber was traded by the Chicago Blackhawks to the Calgary Flames in early 1999, but he's now back with the Hawks.

# 16 Shawn Fotheringham LW 

Shawn graduated in 1994 and played roller hockey in California.

# 2 Aaron Gates D (A)

Aaron graduated in 1999 and played with Reider for the Pee Dee Pride of the ECHL.

# 26 Ed Heinrich D (C)

After two years in the IHL, Big Ed retired from hockey and worked for Nike-Bauer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  He graduated in 1994.

# 15 Jean-Francois Houle* LW (C)

J.F. graduated in 1997, majoring in business management.  He played for the New Orleans Brass of the ECHL in 1997-98 and the Fredericton Canadiens of the AHL in 1998-99. In 1999-2000, the AHL Habs became Les Citadelles de Quebec, but J.F. spent most of the season in the ECHL with the Tampa Bay Tigersharks.  In 2000-2001 he was captain of the Sharks.  He returned to Clarkson as Assistant Coach of the Knights.  Allez, J.F., Allez!

# 39 Murray Kuntz

Murray graduated in 2000 and played with Matt Pagnutti for the Louisiana Ice Gators.

Murray scores for the Knights against Northern Michigan.

# 8 Jason "Sam" LaBarge D

Sammy graduated in 1997 and did his M.S. in Toxicology at McGill University in Montreal.  He now works for Exxon in New Jersey.

# 23 Chris Lipsett LW/C

After graduating in 1996, Lipper played two-and-a-half years with the Roanoke Express before being unceremoniously traded to the Pee Dee Pride of the ECHL in late 1998. He became a major ingedient in the Pride's success until he was sent up to the Kentucky Thoroughblades.

# 4 Phil Lecavalier* D

Phil graduated in 1997 and works in Montreal.

# 18 & # 20 Jeremy Lopata* C

After graduating in 1997, Jeremy was signed by the Mohawk Valley Prowlers of the UHL but released before the season started. The Prowlers are the worst-managed team in the UHL. Jeremy has a successful career in marketing. The Prowlers sure could have used him.

# 9 Ben Maidment LW (C)

Maids graduated in 1999 and played for the Arkansas Glacier Cats of the WPHL.

# 30 Gregg Malicke* G

Gregg graduated from the University of Michigan in 1998 and played the 1998-99 season for the Alexandria, Louisiana Warthogs of the WPHL.  He is a licensed private pilot.  After teaching for a while, he entered a commercial pilot training program in Vero Beach, Florida.  Go Malicat!

# 11 Todd Marchant C

Todd played for the U.S. Olympic Team in Lillehammer in 1994.  He has been with the Edmonton Oilers ever since.  He was the fastest forward ever to skate for Clarkson or Team USA.

# 31 Chuck McGee G

Chuck returned to Clarkson to do an MSMS in MIS and works in IT.

Rob Millikan

Robbie was assistant captain of the Asheville Smoke of the UHL for their inaugural year, 1998-99.  After being traded away he was reaquired for the 1999-2000 season.  This super tough defenseman later went to the Ft Worth Brahmas of the WPHL.  He played against Dan Murphy in BC junior hockey, and with him for Team British Columbia.

# 8 Willie Mitchell

Willie left Clarkson at the end of his sophomore year to play for the Albany River Rats of the AHL.

# 3 Brian Mueller D (C)

After graduating in 1995, Mules played for the Springfield Falcons (AHL), the Saginaw Lumber Kings (IHL), the Manitoba Moose (IHL), HPK of the Finn Elite League, the Saginaw Gears (UHL), and the Port Huron, Ontario Border Cats of the UHL, and the Detroit Vipers of the IHL.  He was a UHL all-star in 1999. 

# 11 Dana Mulvihill RW


After graduating in 1998, Dana played for the Greenville, South Carolina Grrrowl of the ECHL.  He has also played for the Providence Bruins of the AHL and was an ECHL all star in 1999.  Last I heard, Dana was playing in Germany.

# 1 Dan Murphy G

Dano the Supergoalie graduated in 1998, and has played for the Peoria, Illinois Rivermen of the ECHL and the Worcester, Massachusetts Ice Cats of the AHL.  He started the 1999-2000 season by joining the Montreal organization and played for les Citadelles de Quebec Ville.  His first game with Quebec was a shutout, playing with #34 instead of #1. He now considers #34 lucky!   After an outstanding season with Quebec, he was traded by Montreal to the Flyers, who played him with the AHL Phantoms. Then he played for the Trenton Titans of the ECHL.  After being called up by the Phantoms, he was loaned to the Springfield Falcolns of the AHL.  Todd White was his teammate as a Phantom.  GO DANO!


# 17 Kevin Murphy RW (C)

Murph graduated in 1996 and did his MBA at SUNY Oswego where he was also assistant coach under George Roll.

# 19 Steve Palmer C (A)

Palmer graduated in 1996 and played in Europe most of the time, including with the Frankfurt Lions.

# 5 Matt Pagnutti D (A)

Pags graduated in 1997 and played for the Louisiana Ice Gators of the ECHL and the Houston Aeros of the IHL.

# 14 Matt Reid RW

Reider played in Florence, South Carolina, with Aaron Gates, for the Pee Dee Pride of the ECHL.  He later played for the Manchester, NH, Monarchs under Coach  

# 33 Scott Ricci D

Scotty graduated in 1998 and played for the Binghamton, New York BC Icemen of the UHL and the AHL Springfield, Massachusetts Falcons and Hershey, Pennsylvania Bears.  As Icemen, he and Patrice were frequent visitors to Asheville.  Scotty spent the 2000-2001 season with the Orlando Ice Bears of the IHL and the Greenville SC Grrrowl of the ECHL.


# 18 Patrice Robitaille C/LW (C)

Patrice graduated in 1995 and ended his career with the Binghamton, New York BC Icemen of the UHL.  He often played with Scott Ricci and also had a two-way contract with the Springfield Falcons of the AHL. He played 1997-98 for the Phoenix Mustangs of the WCHL.  He has had an extremely distinguished pro career, retiring at the end of the 1999-2000 season.

# 44 Philippe Roy D

Phil graduated in 2000, majoring in technical communication, and played for the Muskegon Fury of the UHL.

# 10 Matt Saper LW

Matt graduated in 2000, majoring in Engineering and Management, and started his professional career with or the Elmira NY Jackals of the UHL, where Carl Drakensjo was his teammate.  He moved to the Port Charles LA Ice Pirates of the WPHL early in the season.

# 14 Dave Seitz C

Seitzer graduated in 1996 and was a top-scoring forward for the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL, in Charleston SC.  He was a perennial ECHL all-star and has played for the Rochester Americans of the AHL and the Chicago Wolves of the IHL.  He resides in Charleston with his family and his band is fixture of the city's nightlife.

# 23 Jim Sheehan LW (A)

Jimmy signed with the Shreveport, Louisiana Mudbugs of the WPHL at the start of the 2000-2001 season.  He's now a lawyer in Juneau, Alaska.

# 27 Patrick Theriault* D/LW

Patrick married Anne Burbage, MBA (Clarkson 94).  They live in Vermont with their lovely daughter.

# 10 Marko Tuomainen RW (A)

After two years with the Edmonton and the now-defunct Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Oilers, Marko's murderous slap-shot returned home for IFK Helsinki,"the big red cats" of the Finn Elite League.  Marko looked great in red.  He played with great distinction for the Finn Olympic Team in Nagano and the Finn National Team in the 1999 World Cup.  He returned to North America near the end of the 1998-1999 season when former Clarkson AD Dan O'Flaherty tapped him to join Dave Taylor's LA Kings.



# 77 Yan Turgeon C (C)

Yan graduated in 2000 and plays for the Rockford Ice Hogs of the UHL.

# 32 Buddy Wallace C/D

Buddy graduated in 1998 and played for the South Carolina Stingrays in Charleston.  Dave Seitz was his teammate.  He had an outstanding rookie year with the Lowell, Massachusetts Lock Monsters of the AHL, where Chris Lipsett was his teammate.  Unfortunately, his rights were owned by the Islanders!  He was later traded to the Senators.

# 12 Todd White* C (C)

Todd graduated in 1997 with a major in accounting and was IHL Rookie of the Year in 1998 with the Indianapolis Ice.  He earned a place in the Chicago Blackhawks' starting lineup the next season. He played the end of the 1998-99 season with the IHL Chicago Wolves and started the 1999-2000 season with the IHL Cleveland Lumberjacks.  After being traded by Chicago to the Flyers he played with both the Flyers and the Phantoms, scoring two NHL goals.  He signed with the Ottawa Senators for the 2000-2001 season, though they started him with the Grand Rapids Griffins of the IHL. He spent three years with the Atlanta Thrashers, and then was traded to the New York Rangers for the 2010-2011 season.  GO WHITESNAKE!

# 2 Adam Wiesel* D

Adam played two seasons with the Fredericton, New Brunswick Canadiens of the AHL before injury ended his career.  He returned to Clarkson to finish his studies, graduating in May 2000 with dual majors in Finance and Interdisciplinary Engineering and Management.  Then he got an MBA from Cornell.

# 27 Nick Windsor D

Winds graduated in 1998 and played for the Roanoke, Virginia Express of the ECHL and the Lowell, Massachusetts Lock Monsters of the AHL.

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Patrice Robitaille of the UHL Binghamton BC Icemen, 1998.

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