M5-50 Home Page
David M. McCord, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Office:Killian 301

This folder contains three files of interest to those using the M5-50. The M5-50 Questionnaire is a Word document that is suitable for printing, photocopying, and using for manual collection of data. Feel free to edit the instructions and reformat in any way you please. In keeping with the IPIP philosophy, there are no copyright restrictions of any type on these materials.

The M5-50 Workbook is an Excel file that is a useful tool for many purposes. To obtain raw scales scores for the 5 factors, Use the Admin 50 tab enter the data in column I labeled "Actual." Use 1 for Inaccurate, 2 for Moderately Accurate, 3 for Neither, etc. Once data are entered, click on the Scores 50 tab. The bottom five lines of that sheet will show the calcualted raw scores for each scale and average item score for the scale. (Column H indicates which items are reverse scored, and column J shows the reverse-scored value.) Finally, the M5-50 Syntax document lists SPSS commands to reverse-score the appropriate items and compute scales scores. Please feel free to email or call Dr. McCord if you need more help with this.