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Tom Belt
Modern Foreign Languages
Office: McKee 105A
Office Hours:

M: 1-2, T: 3-4 (Cherokee Center)
Phone: 227-2721
Email: tbelt@email.wcu.edu


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This website has a lot of lesson plans and activities to help learn the language.  It also has things for children and older people. 

This website tells about the Cherokee Language and the syllabary and how it was created and how it is used with the Cherokee language. 



This website is by the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians.  On their site they have printout activities that will help when learning new words, the activities are small.



This website offers different programs that you are able to buy for you computer. 



This website sales books to help you learn the language.



Offers different links to click on to learn the language   They have a section on Cherokee Language Resources.



This website will translate a word for you, but it will not translate a phrase. 



This website has a very good Cherokee Lanuguage section that has different types of things to do.



This website tells about the Cherokee Language and how it has come about.  It has a good section on the Syllabary and the sounds.



It has a large section on different Cherokee words.  Theres different sections such as animals and names.  Each section tells the word and then how to say it. 








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