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Cherokee 101 | Unit 3: Animals and Numbers | Unit 3: Quick Review


3.3.  Diganasa Didiseka  Let's Count Animals (pets)  Listen to the teacher count dogs. 

Listen to the dialog.


sogwu  gihli

one dog

nvhgi gihli

four dogs

tali gihli

two dogs

hisgi gihli

five dogs

tsoi gihli

three dogs

sudali  gihli

six dogs


Practice:  The teacher will ask Hvga iga detsakaha?  'How many living beings do you have?'  Answer the teacher.  Use the following lines.




Jimi,  hvga iga sogwili detsakaha?

How many horses do you have, Jimmy?



Ta'li sogwili dagikaha.

I have two horses.




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