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Brian Gastle

Who We Are and What We Did

In the fall of 2006, WCU underwent reaffirmation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the major accrediting body for public and private institutions of higher education in the 11 southernmost states. I served as the editor of WCU's Compliance Reports.

At the December 2006 SACS conference, Carol Burton (WCU SACS Director) and I presented a session on writing the compliance report. After being encouraged to do so by the feedback from that session, Ann Hallyburton (Associate Editor) and I conducted (the following year) a 1/2 day workshop on writing issues related to preparing the compliance reports and the QEP, and the 2008 SACS conference workshop is base upon those materials

You are welcome to use any of these materials; please email me if you do so (notification allows me to track application and utility of this work, and it provides support for my professional activities). Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information regarding writing and editing; my CV details my academic and professional experience in this area.


"Writing and Editing Strategies for Compliance Certification"
Powerpoint Presentation on writing issues related to preparing compliance reports
PDF version of handouts used in workshop (included style sheet and progress matrix samples)

2008 Report Template


This template provides a model for report preparation. Each standard receives its own "section" and the running footer changes to reflect each section (making it much easier to flip through a hard copy to find the standard you want).
You are welcome to use this template to prepare your own reports. If you do so, please email me. I'd like to keep track of which institutions base their reports on our template - thanks.
Sample Progress Matrix This Excel worksheet (which was updated weekly) allowed us to track the status of each report.
Style Sheet

PDF version of the Style Sheet we developed for WCU's compliance reports

Group Work Handout

The group revision exercises used during the workshop

Possible revisions/"answers" to the handout examples

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