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  IHS Online - The International Horn Society (you should be a member!)
  hornexcerpts.org - a great resource for studying excerpts and preparing for auditions
  The Practice Spot - full of great ideas to help you practice smarter!  They might even make practicing FUN!  See the books by Philip Johnston on the "Recommended Reading" page
  Jeff Nelsen - hornist extraordinaire with the Canadian Brass, and teacher at IU.
  Wendell Rider - check out his book (and DVD's), called Real World Horn Playing.
  Douglas Yeo - OK, so he's a Bass Tombonist, but he has a great site!
  Pip Eastop - LOTS of fun stuff!
  Eli Epstein
  University of Iowa Horn Studio site - this is the Horn Resources page - TONS of great stuff!
  Horn Articles Online - Lots of great articles by John Ericson
  Don Greene - Performance training.  See his books on the "Recommended Reading" page.


These are in no particular order (yet), and I'm still adding to them, but please send me your suggestions!


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