Western Carolina University

Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Ethnography Laboratory

Ethnographic Research Methods 2009

Audio Documentaries

Andrew Malcolm Albritton: Plant Baby

Whitley S. Barber: Poetry/Freedom

Robert O. Cross: We Lived Good

Robert C. Edwards: Eating for Mixed Martial Arts

Steven D. Hall: Papaw’s Garden

Joseph T. Jakubek: Growing a Sense of Community

Dawn M. Kurry: Wildflower Man

Lizze Lukowski: Gardening Looks So Good

Valerie J. Russell: Wellness and Gardening

Kayla M. Skitzki: Something to be Proud of

Brittany E. Vance: From Factory to Farming

Joseph Waalkes: Ethnobotany

Crystal Webb: Soy Candles for a Better World

Elizabeth C. Wright: Kathy’s Garden