RFM's Assessment Project
ECON 303 Money, Financial Markets, and Economic Policy
Fall 1997 Spring 1998 Spring 1999 Questionnaire
Selected Student Comments
Spring 1999:  "Dr. Mulligan is very familiar with forecasting.  The paper's standards are very high and in reaching for those standards, I learned a lot.  Of greatest commendation, Dr. Mulligan drops everything to spend time with a student and that's where the true learning takes place.  Much was explained via the website he has."  "He explains everything.  If you need help you can go to his office.  It cleared some things up for my other classes."  "He knows the material well and is extremely approachable.  It covered basic material I hadn't been exposed to."  "I think Dr. Mulligan did an effective job and was always helpful outside of class."  "Yes, he did an effective job.  [This course] gives the student a comprehensive knowledge of the financial markets and policy that shapes them." 
Spring 1998:  "He is a great teacher.  He definitely keeps students involved."  "Provided us with good examples and took time to explain hard subjects."  "He is highly effective in conveying the information."  "Very easily approachable and understandable."  "Very good job with this course."
Fall 1997:  "It was a really interesting class overall.  The forecasting project helped me a lot."  "He did a great job of coming in after class began in August.  I would take him again."  "I learned about a lot of new and interesting things,"  "The research for the project was very beneficial."  "The course made me very interested in certain things."  "He was an effective instructor."  "I enjoyed learning about the economy."