RFM's Assessment Project
ECON 232 Introductory Macroeconomic Policy and Social Issues
Fall 1997 Fall 1998 Spring 1999 Fall 1999
Selected Student Comments
Spring 1999:  "Dr. Mulligan gives great advice and is a great professor.  I can't wait to take him in the future."  "He is very personable.  I also liked the fact that he put notes and practice quizzes and tests on the internet."  "I think the course is structured well and Dr. Mulligan has prepared perfectly.  [He has an] understanding of the students' personal attributes, yet teaches responsibility at the same time."  "Dr. Mulligan interacted well with the class and never let anyone get behind if he saw they were willing to put forth the effort."  "Possibly more interaction with the class instead of all lecture.  I love Dr. Mulligan.  He genuinely loves his students, something I rarely see in the College of Business.  I'm not receiving the best grade in the class, C+ at best, but Dr. Mulligan is a wonderful professor and he gives students a number of chances to bring up their grade if they choose to." 

"Well organized, lectures give additional information from book information."  "One of the best features was that the class notes were on the web along with practice quizzes and tests."  "Go slower, don't give so many notes in one day and explain the notes before you put them up on the board.  The notes were already on the board a the start of class so many students wouldn't listen they just took notes."  "The tests are extremely difficult.  Too much information to be comprehended in one class period.  He knows his stuff."  "Instructor has a good relationship with students."  "Knows what he is talking about, and how to teach us, as best he can - it is econ.  That is a hard subject to comprehend."  "He's very caring.  He gives a good opportunity for students to raise their grade.  The overall best feature is his policy on his tests." 

"Cool as Hell!  Do not get rid of him."  "I think the best feature of this course is the grading policy.  It is very forgiving and offers the student recovery if he/she needs it."  "Possibly more hands-on material to make the course more interesting.  Instructor discusses topics in a very complete manner.  Instructor was very good throughout the year.  He was also very accessible outside of class."  " He was well prepared and knew what he was talking about. He was a good teacher and allowed the students to open up for discussion."  "Strong enthusiasm.  Offers extra credit.  Cares about students doing well."  "Very approachable and willing to work with students if they come and talk to him."  "Very good professor, good teaching strategy."  "More interactive learning activities.  Material can become boring.  Promptness.  Gives tests back immediately, never late, nor absent." 

"Dr. Mulligan is very friendly and personable which made the material easier to learn."  "The instructor was well prepared for the class every day."  "He is a wonderful econ teacher.  He has taught me the material to the point where I remember.  He has done a tremendous job.  Thanks."  "I learned a lot."  "The professor explained information great, and he shouldn't change his teaching style."  "Easy to understand and listen to." 

"Only that the material is sometimes confusing, but it is economics, you just have to work at it.  This does in no way reflect on Dr. Mulligan.  He didn't come up with economics.  He does a good job.  Dr. Mulligan genuinely cares for his students.  That is hard to find.  WCU is very lucky to have him as a professor.  He is doing a great job! I think he is an outstanding professor.  He really cares about us students."  "It wasn't a bad course."  "He did an excellent job.  His knowledge of the subject is excellent.  He is a great instructor that is devoted to helping the students."  "Yes, he is a great teacher.  Yes, I have learned a lot."  "Yes he was always on time and got all of the notes accomplished.  It was relatively difficult."  "Yes.  I think that it better prepares me for classes in my major."  "Yes, I have learned a lot and I appreciate Dr. Mulligan's consideration for his students."  "The instructor lectures well.  I have learned a lot about Macroeconomics."  "He explained everything clearly and I understood things.  I see no need for change.  I learned a lot about Macroeconomics."  "Bob did a good job all semester.  Economics is real life, you need it to survive."  "I think the teacher did an effective job teaching the course.  I think the professor could clarify some test questions, but overall did an excellent job."  "[This course] relates extremely well to the business world and overall national policy."  "He always came prepared and covered what needed to be covered."  "He explains and gives good review sessions for those who are having a hard time.  I think Macro is very important for the business environment."  "Information was very straightforward - that is good.  Assign more work."  "He explains to the fullest and I understand it so much easier."  "People need to know and understand what they do that changes the economy.  Interest rates, inflation, bonds, and CDs are all very important and discussed thoroughly in this class."  "The notes and quizzes on the webpage were very helpful. Now I do have some understanding of the money system and inflation."  "He gets straight to the point of what you need to know.  I had to work hard."  "Examples were used and concepts and ideas were explained fully.  Yes it has helped me to understand things that other classes talk about."  "I like this course.  I can't imagine a better way of teaching it.  Your objectives are implicitly clear.  You provide more help (i.e., on-line practice quizzes and class notes) than any teacher I have encountered.  If some person does bad it is their own slackass-edness."  "He is very effective in his teaching methods." 

Fall 1998:  "I believe the instructor did a good job with this class.  He is very fair in grading and did a good job preparing us for tests."  "He is always open to ideas and tries to help out students as much as possible.  Material is always clear and understandable."  "Yes, the instructor uses effective examples and makes subjects clear before moving on."  "Yes.  He did a very effective job w/ class notes & preparing us for tests w/quizzes & notes posted on the internet for us to use as study guides.  He also gave study sessions or review sessions before tests which were very helpful."  "Mulligan explains concepts great and I understand a little more about economics."  "Yes, he did a good job.  There was a lot of information that we covered."  "I like the way you presented material directly and distinctly.  The quizzes on the internet were very helpful."  "I feel I have benefited from this course because I have learned about concepts that I had no knowledge about beforehand.  I broadened my understanding in some areas in which I had prior knowledge."  "Yes, willing to take extra personal time to help us understand.  Held test reviews to help us and allowed us to ask questions that we were unsure of."  "Yes because I know more about economics than I did before coming to this class.  I understand a lot more."  "He gave us the opportunity to ask questions and took time to answer our questions.  He gave good review sessions the day before the exams so that we could obtain a better knowledge of material that we were having trouble understanding."  "Yes.  It taught me a great deal.  It had some very interesting topics and some big debatable topics which we discussed in class.  If you didn't learn anything in this class then you must have slept, or never attended class sessions."  "Yes, his style of teaching is very helpful.  He does whatever he can to help us."  "Material is definitely presented thoroughly."  "Yes, he's a great professor and knows his stuff." 
Fall 1997:  "Very nice man, willing to consider class opinions and very available to students."  "I think the  professor did a fine job in teaching the course."  "He has a very intellectual sense of humor."  "I learned I can't rely on the professor to teach everything - I have to do some things on my own."  "Very effective job.  At the beginning of the semester Mulligan seemed very harsh and unapproachable.  At the end he seemed very hearty and laughable, (with, not at.)"  "He explained the major points well and was always available for questioning."  "I think Dr. Mulligan did a great job of helping and making sure we understood.  He would always be available for questions."  "He made things easy to understand."