RFM's Assessment Project
ECON 231 Introductory Microeconomic Policy and Social Issues
Fall 1997 Spring 1998 Fall 1998 Fall 1999
Selected Student Comments
Fall 1998:  "I personally think he did a great job.  I didn't know what this class was about at first, but he took time out to help me understand how to go about learning economics. *We need more teachers like him at WCU."  "Dr. Mulligan is very lively and interesting."  "He did a very effective job."  "Very effective teacher, explained things well."  "Very in-depth."  "I think the instructor is doing an excellent job with a difficult course."  "Yes, he did a great job.  He used humorous, real-life examples to teach effectively a very dry subject."  "Gave me a great understanding of Economics."  "Excellent all around job."  "I benefited a lot."  "Explaining economics is what you're made for.  You did an excellent job.  Your web notes helped me tremendously.  Thanks."  "I have taken Econ classes at other schools and nobody has taught me as much as him."  "Yes, I think he did an effective job.  We didn't waste time and we covered almost everything early." 
Spring 1998:  "Dr. Mulligan is an excellent teacher."  "He explains the material in great detail and uses  examples to help."  "The instructor was always prepared to teach and was ready to answer any questions."  "I think the instructor did an excellent job.  He was well prepared and very knowledgeable."  "He was always prepared for class and he is very fair."  "He is very  knowledgeable on class material and enjoys teaching.  His enthusiasm reflects his overall  excitement about the course."  "Dr. Mulligan has done a great job in getting the points across.  To me, this course is difficult and Dr. Mulligan gives every chance he can for myself and others  to make a good grade.   I think that his tests are somewhat hard, however, he is one of the  better professors I have had in my business major."  "It helped me out with Macro because I am  taking both at the same time.  It helped me with the concepts for both classes."  "The instructor  did an effective job.  Good examples are given and enough time is devoted to each subject."   "He has a great knowledge of economics and his examples are very effective."  "I do think this  course was a beneficial educational experience.  It will help me as I continue business courses."  "He understands and explains the material well.  I learned a lot about today's economy and  what factors influence it."  "Excellent job.  Made microeconomics as interesting as it could  possibly be.  I learned a lot and have had no trouble with getting through the class."  "He was  always prepared for class, easily accessible outside of class, but he needs to improve on his  sense of humor.  (Although he tries extremely hard.)"  "I think Mulligan was a very good  professor.  Especially when it came to exam time.  Every exam, he made sure we had a study  session.  This showed his dedication and hard work as a professor."   "His testing methods were commendable and I believe it gave the students an incentive to keep fresh in mind what we learned earlier."  "I feel that I have not only learned a lot, but I have retained this knowledge."
Fall 1997:  "He was always there to help outside of class."  "Very precise and clear in his thoughts."  "He was a very willing teacher, willing to help us anytime he could."  "The teacher made the material easy to understand."  "Truly, very interesting course, highly recommended."  "I think the instructor did an effective job in explaining economics."  "This course will help me in the business world."  "He displayed a very effective style.  Good examples and good, thorough quizzes and study questions provided good learning opportunities.  I enjoyed the material and  subject."