Geology 305: Soil and Hydrology
Soils Related Links

General:  Soils
1. NC State--Soil Science Extension Publication List
2. Soils Online (large set of soils related links)
3. Soil Science Education Home Page
5. NC State University-Soil Science Extension
6. Virginia Tech, Forest Soils Program:  Links for soils, hydrology, forestry, etc.
8. USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service Home Page
9. Soils and Substrates
10. Soils Photo Gallery: Soil Orders
11. USDA-NRCS: Soil Series Classification Data Access
12. National Soil Survey Center
13. National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists, Inc.
14. USDA-NRCS State of the Land (Maps, facts, and figures)
15. Penn State: Soil Information for Environmental Modeling and Ecosystem Management

Soils Courses with Notes
1. Univ. of New Hampshire:  Chemistry of Soils
2. The Pennsylvania State University:  Introduction to Soils

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