Geology 405 & 505:  Hydrogeology
Fall 2004

Instructor:  Mark Lord
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Drilling of groundwater well near Western's print shop

This page is intended to serve as a repository for information important to the current Hydrogeology class.  The page will be in a continuous state of flux over the semester as links, assignments, lab information, class notes, etc. are added.

K, n, Sy, Sr Lab Data & Assignment
Applied Hydrogeology (Fetter) Home Page
Geol 405/505 Course Outline and Information
Exam Review Questions

Hydrogeology Related Links
Citation and Reference Style Examples
List of Geoscience Related Journals in Hunter Library
Ohio State Univ., Scott Bair: The Woburn Trial: "A Civil Action"
EPA: Well G and H Superfund Site, Woburn, Mass.

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