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The Cullowhee Creek Restoration Project

General Stream Restoration Links
        Stream Corridor Restoration Handbook (USDA)
        Overview of Stream Corridor Restoration (NTIS)
        Buck Engineering Stream Restoration document (PDF file)
        Does Stream Restoration Work? (New Zealand’s National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research)
        USDA Case Study: Meander Reconstruction on the J-bar-S Winter Feeding Area
        Center for Watershed Protection: Watershed Restoration
        Georgia Stream Restoration Home Page
        US EPA River Corridor & Wetland Restoration Homepage
        NC Wetlands Restoration Program
        NC State University, Stream Restoration Institute
        River Restoration, Government of Western Australia Waters & Rivers Commission
        Stream Restoration References, Wildland Hydrology (a private restoration company)

        North Carolina Restoration Projects, Ohio State University, Streams
        Stream Restoration, Ecology, & Aquatic Management Solutions, Ohio State University

        The cross-vane, ...and J-hook structures, by Rosgen, Wildland Hydrology (PDF file)

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