Educational Issues


Taken from:  The 35th Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward Public Schools


1.       What do you think are the 5 most pressing problems facing public schools?












2.        Students are often given the grades of A,B, C, D, and FAIL to denote the quality of their work.  Suppose the public schools themselves, in your community, were graded in the same way. What grade would you give the public schools in your community — A, B, C, D, or FAIL?


3.       How about the public schools in the nation as a whole? What grade would you give the public schools nationally — A, B, C, D, or FAIL?


4.       In order to improve public education in America, some people think the focus should be on reforming the existing public school system. Others believe the focus should be on finding an alternative to the existing public school system. Which approach do you think is preferable — reforming the existing public school system or finding an alternative to the existing public school system?


5.       Now, here are a few questions about the No Child Left Behind Act. How much, if anything, would you say you know about the No Child Left Behind Act — the federal education bill that was passed by Congress in 2001 — a great deal, a fair amount, very little, or nothing at all?


6.       According to the NCLB Act, determining whether a public school is or is not in need of improvement will be based on the performance of its students on a single statewide test. In your opinion, will a single test provide a fair picture of whether or not a school needs improvement?  (Yes, No, Don’t Know)








Choose 10 issues that most interest you. Mark the column with #1  - 10.

Define the issue in a couple of your own words

Rank your


ISSUE 1. Should Schooling Be Based on Social Experiences?



ISSUE 2. Should the Curriculum Be Standardized for All?



ISSUE 3. Should Behaviorism Shape Educational Practices?



ISSUE 4. Should Church-State Separation Be Maintained?



ISSUE 5. Should School Attendance Be Compelled?



ISSUE 6. Can "Character Education" Reverse Moral Decline?



ISSUE 7. Should Multiculturalism Permeate the Curriculum?



ISSUE 8. Can Federal Initiatives Rescue Failing Schools?



ISSUE 9. Do High-Stakes Assessments Improve Learning?



ISSUE 10. Have Public Schools Failed Society?



ISSUE 11. Are Vouchers an Appropriate Choice Mechanism?



ISSUE 12. Can Charter Schools Revitalize Public Education?



ISSUE 13. Have Public Schools Adequately Accommodated Religion?



ISSUE 14. Is Full Inclusion of Disabled Students Desirable?



ISSUE 15. Is Size Crucial to School Improvement?



ISSUE 16. Should Bilingual Education Programs Be Abandoned?



ISSUE 17. Does School Violence Warrant a Zero-Tolerance Policy?



ISSUE 18. Can Self-Governing Schools Rescue Urban Education?



ISSUE 19. Should Technology Lead the Quest for Better Schools?



ISSUE 20. Is Mandatory Community Service Desirable and Legal?



ISSUE 21. Should Alternative Teacher Training Be Encouraged?



ISSUE 22. Can Merit Pay Accelerate School Improvement?



ISSUE 23. Has the Supreme Court Reconfigured American Education?