Required steps for researchers in the psychology department in order to request and obtain IRB approval.


Step 1. Take the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) online course

Without CITI training you may not conduct research at WCU. Instructions on how to sign up and do the CITI training are found here PLEASE keep a copy of your completion certificate for YOUR records but do not send it to me. In case the IRB office does not log your training you will have proof but it is not necessary to send it to me.


Step 2. Consult the IRB meeting schedule

Turn in your application a week in advance. The IRB meets monthly on Mondays and I dedicate FRIDAYS to the review of IRB proposals. It is your responsibility to plan accordingly especially if you think your proposal will require full IRB review. For example, for an IRB meeting on 10/05/09 the deadline for submission is 9/28/09 and it should be turned in to me by 9/25/09. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.


Step 3. Fill out a Request for Review of Human Subjects Research. Make sure you:


Step 4. Do the IRB submission electronically (i.e. send me your Request for Review of Human Subjects Research and supporting documents via e- mail). After I receive them, there are two scenarios:


Step 5. After receiving final approval turn all documents into a SINGLE PDF that includes