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Some of my favorite feeds. I use Bloglines (beta version) AND their handy sub with Bloglines toolbar addition.:

Hunter Library News - for obvious reasons.

Hunter Library New Books - see above.

Hunter Library: New Videos and DVDs - I like keeping up with the new science items AND the additions to the feature films collection. (science) (features)

AppScout- Great write-ups on all of the web's latest application innovation. I highly recommend. - great for keeping up with useless and useful news. Always delivered with clever summaries (usually better than the stories themselves).

Citizen-Times - local news for WNC. What's great about this is the timely feeds on traffic accidents.

CNN - main news headlines. is generally faster at getting news stories posted than CNN.

Chronicle - keeps me up-to-date with the world of academia in the US.

Library Journal - general happenings in libraries, especially those in the US.  

LIS News - library news.

Science Daily Headlines -

Go Fug Yourself - if you love fashion gone wrong, this is the most brilliant site ever.

Cute Overload - animal pics that are pretty irresistable.

RSS Feeds

last updated May 8, 2009