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 Phase One Completion
 Phase Two Completion
 Summary Points
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 Scanning Note

I. Understanding.

I Understand:

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  1. Phase One Completion  [some of the following has changed; consult course web site and syllabus for current info]
I have established:
A link to the table of links provided by Prof. Jones. See:
Knowledge & Usage:
  1. Phase Two Completion  [some of the following has changed; consult course web site and syllabus for current info]

Further, I have tried the following, and know how to do each:

In Summary:

  1. Your Personal Home Page (optional)



    Formatting: Can be basic, but should be pleasing to the eye. Try various text formatting tools--as appropriate--for effect (font size, bold, italic, color, indent & outdent, bulleted lists, numbered lists, alignment)

    Design: Again, basic, but pleasing to the eye. Avoid harsh contrasts. Consider using Horizontal Rules, and a Table if appropriate. It is advisable to note date of last revision somewhere near the bottom of your page.

    Links: Truman Home Page (image link); your Industry Group Cover Page; your resume (optional); a page or two summarizing your hobbies/activities/interests (optional). Include an e-mail link.

    Images and Background: Pleasing to the eye. The page should contain colors that complement, fonts that are readable, contrasts that do not ‘vibrate,’ and should not contain a degree of complexity that significantly degrades load time. Incorporate an image or two—perhaps of yourself and your family and/or friends (see scanning an image, below). You can simply use a color as a background, but it is more interesting to use an appropriate image.

  3. Industry Group Cover Page



    All members of the group should contribute ideas and actual URL suggestions for links, images, layout & design. Minimum recommended links are described above.

  5. Primary Industry Aspect Page
See "Personal Home Page" description, above. Regarding links, see Roman Numeral II above. Ultimately, I would expect 20-50 quality links on your area, listed by several subcategories on two-to-five additional pages (of links). In effect, your Primary Industry Aspect Page (e.g., Books, Industry / Economy) will serve as a cover page for several Subsidiary Industry Aspect web pages (including your term paper). This is where the clarity of organization and classification comes into play. Copyright Note: Many of the images found on the Internet are copyrighted. If the image is copyrighted, then it is the property of someone else (or a corporation) and you cannot legally use it on your page. Some companies, like Disney, are extremely protective of their intellectual property. No Mickey Mouse! Generic, non-distinctive graphic images are likely to be okay to use; and any image found in the public domain (such as those found in collections of computer ‘clip art’) are okay.

Link Page – as described in class...

Scanning: Talk to professor or student computer lab assistant.