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- G. Jones, Western Carolina Univ.
Stanford Web Credibility Project
Consumer WebWatch org
The Web Credibility Project: Guidelines - Stanford University
The Web Credibility Project: Guidelines - Stanford University, Literature review
WWW Virtual Library -- Evaluation of Information Sources -- good bibliography, last modified 12/02
Learning Resource Server -- Educator's Guide to Credibility, White Paper, Spring, 1999; U of I - UC
Legal Research on the Internet & Website Credibility (Virtual Chase; several dozen good links regarding hoaxes, etc. -- Rev. 2002)
Bibliography -- Three page bibliography; link to white paper
Bibliography on Evaluating Web Information -- Fifteen page bibliography; includes sample evaluation forms and sample web sites; VA Tech
Bibliography on Evaluating Internet Resources -- With evaluation forms and sample Web sites; Va Tech
Website Evaluation -- good, annotated list from Google
Evaluating Website Content -- Tripod.com; good list of references, sample sites and evaluation criteria
Evaluating Websites for Educational Uses, UNC, Center for Instructional Technology, "Updated" 2002 (includes bibliography, although most references from the 1990s)
BeeOnline -- Evaluating Internet Resources, LOC site of annotated bibliographic references, current to 1999
UNC Health Sciences Library Bibliography, 1998 (fairly general, but good)
Guidelines for Evaluating Websites, bibliography from GMU, updated 2002
NMSU bibliography, 1998 -- (includes checklists, criteria, lesson plans and some sources for hoax web pages; Susan Beck, updated 1999-but a number of broken links now)
Student's Guide to Research on the Web, tutorial, SLU, 1997, with references
Evaluation of information sources -- Extensive bibliographic list, including Web credibility and evaluation criteria; WWW Virtual Library
Evaluation of Information Sources -- Thor, Purdue University Libraries
Evaluating Sources: Additional Evaluation Information -- CORE (Comprehensive Online Research Education); Research generally; source evaluation specifically
Evaluating Websites -- Harvard
Criteria for Website Evaluation -- University of Michigan
Critical Web page Evaluation, from MSU, Bozeman -- includes some examples
Web Source Evaluation, Michigan Tech -- includes some references
Validating Web-Based Information, City University of Hong Kong
Evaluating Information on the Web -- teaching tutorial with example websites
Web Site Evaluation Chart -- From THOR, Purdue University Lirbraries
Internet Evaluation Checklist (University of Waterloo)
Evaluating and Designing a Web Site | Standards & Practices  | Library | University of Waterloo
Critically Analyzing Information Sources -- (generally--Cornell)
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Surveys and Resources -- with surveys, checklists and sample Websites
Selection Criteria --  Association for Library Service to Children
Ten Cs for Evaluating Internet Resources -- McIntyre Library, UW-Eau Claire
Evaluating and Citing Web sources -- Vanderbilt, Central Library
Source Evaluation and Web Searching -- discussion of URLs, some evaluation criteria, publication classification, many examples, Wilfrid Laurier University Library, good bibliography through 2001
Cyberbee.com checklist (high school)
Five Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Website (Berkeley)
Johns Hopkins, Evaluating Websites -- very good checklist
Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask (Berkeley)
Active Learning Sites (Infosearcher.com)
Web Eval Form -- Plain vanilla checklist
Evaluation of Internet Information -- Standard list of evaluation criteria posted by a professor at Purdue
Evaluating Internet Based Information -- with examples; posted by Prof. Don Descy at Mankato
Evaluating Web-Based Resources, The Learningsite.net, 2001
Evaluating Your Sources, Virginia Commonwealth Univ
UCLA Help Guides -- Research, Web searching, Web evaluation
UCLA College Library: Thinking Critically about WWW Resources  -- checklist
UCLA College Library Instruction Hoax? You Decide!
Mankato, MN Home Page (EX)
Better Read That Again -- Infotoday.com; types of bogus Web pages, with examples
Evaluating Internet Research Sources (Virtualsalt.com; checklist, "CARS")
Evaluating Sources: Introduction -- Purdue, OWL
Teaching Web Evaluation -- LRS, UIUC
Methods of Evaluation -- LRS, UIUC; solid
Why Evaluate Web-based information -- LRS, UIUC
http://www.classroom.com/edsoasis/guide2.html -- quality examples
http://lib.nmsu.edu/staff/susabeck/checs98.html (includes a few sample pages, some lesson plans; addresses 'why evaluate')
NMSU list of checklists and criteria, 1998
Evaluating Web Resources, Sonoma State -- checklist, with examples
Conducting Research on the Internet (Albany)--solid
Evaluating Internet Resources (Albany)
Research On The Net - Using the Internet (Sofweb, Victoria, Australia; includes checklists, etc.)
Establishing source credibility (authentic, reliable, believable; solid site from UNC, Chapel Hill; some fraudulant examples; about domain names; )
Evaluating Information Objectives, UNC Chapel Hill, with tour
UNC Web Tutorial (Objectives, Credibility, Bias, Accuracy, Currency, Relevance, Checklist)
UNC, Health Sciences Library, Criteria for Evaluating Online Information (Credibility, Bias, Accuracy, Currency, Relevance, Significance, Intended Audience, Usability)
Evaluating Quality (Walt's Navigating the Net Forum)
iKeepBookmarks.com - Mrs.Gardner/Web site evaluation
LEO: Assessing the credibility of online sources -- Literacy Education Online, St. Cloud State
WebEval.html -- CSU professor, includes a few examples, related questions and references
Ten Cs for Evaluating Internet Sources, McIntyre Library, UW-Eau Claire
Evaluation of Web Resources - Lengthy checklists concerning authorship, content, structure & navigation, links, site integrity, and access (from WebSerch)
Evaluate the credibility of online information -- basic checklist from Searchengines.com
Using Web Resources -- Writing Center, UKY, includes Web Credibility Checklist
Evaluating Web Resources | Home Page -- Wolfgram Memorial Library, Widener University -- includes checklists and teaching materials
Evaluating Web Sites-Five Basic Criteria, Evaluation, Up Close, Teaching Today, Glencoe.com Online
Evaluating Online Resources -- Illinois Online Network; strong, informative  site -- includes some reference links
Resources | Evaluating Web Resources -- Illinois Online Network
Credibility -- Geocities checklist
Berkeley - Critical Evaluation of Resources
Evaluating Web Pages: Berkeley, Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask
Helpful Hints to Help You Evaluate the Credibility of Web Resources -- standard checklist, plus description of URl
Evaluating Web Pages  -- Good discussion, references, worksheets from CCL, Ohio State -- includes determining purpose, authorship & citation

U of Mich eval criteria

Critically analyzing information sources -- Cornell
Evaluating Web Sites, Criteria & Tools -- Cornell
Evaluation criteria, some references -- Cornell

Johns Hopkins -- Practical steps in evaluating internet resources


The Virtual Chase: Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet -- Good overall internet research site, with section on informatiion quality
Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet: (Virtual Chase) Groups that Alert the Public to Internet Fraud and bad information
RDN (Resource Discovery Network) Virtual Training Suite - Home Page
WebSerch - The Web Research Resource -- Solid general resource guide for research on the Web; includes section on evaluation of web resources
Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
Information Literacy Process (1999) -- USF; includes links on plagiarism and how to avoid it
Web site evaluation, Berkeley
LibrarySmart.com - You Be the Judge! Evaluating Information for Reliability (see Evaluating Info)
Evaluating Web Sites -- Lesley University, Cambridge -- with criteria and examples
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, or, Why It's a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources  Beck, Susan. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: or, Why Itís a Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sources.  1997.  http://lib.nmsu.edu/instruction/eval.html (updated 2002)
Beck, Evaluation Criteria (updated 2002)
Library Selection Criteria for WWW Resources -- Carolyn Caywook, revised 12/99
Information Competence: Evaluating Sources -- from Calpoly; includes simple interactive teaching module

Social Science Information Gateway -- Evaluating Internet Resources for SOSIG
Sample Evaluation of a scholarly site (National Library of Canada)
Evaluating Websites, a tutorial -- Cleveland State (quiz at Step 4)
Iona College (NY) -- Criteria with examples
Types of pages (classification)  NWMS

All Who Is -- Domain name / database server search & confirmation
Better Who Is -- Domain name search
Listing of domain extensions
Domain name system structure and delegation

Find it Online: The Complete Guide to Online Research
                                      by Alan M. Schlein  [good looking chapter on web page credibility]

ARTICLES Useful for Source Cred project:
Stanford Guidelines for Web credibility (documented with notes from study)
Stanford, again (scroll to bottom for articles)
Prominence-Interpretation Theory: Explaning how people assess credibility (Stanford)
The Chronicle: View results (students need help with online research, March 2000)
Testing the Surf, A. Smith, refereed article, 1997
Getting It Right, S. I. Pacifici, from Law Library Resource Exchange, 2002
Publisheres Wanted... G. Tyburski,   LLRX, 1997
How to Evaluate a Website, L. Humphries, 2002  LLRX
Web-based misinformation in the context of higher education,  P. J. Calvert, Victoria Univ of Wellington, 1998, PDF format
Web Credibility Project Planned 2001, article about Consumer's Union project
Consumer WebWatch: How Consumers and Experts Rate Credibility on the Web (Pew Trust)

Stanford Study: Consumer WebWatch: How Consumers and

Consumer WebWatch Research: Consumer Trust in E-Commerce Sites Low
Consumer WebWatch: How Consumers and Experts Rate Credibility on the Web
Experts Rate Credibility on the Web
Websites chosen for this Stanford study

Evaluating Internet Research Sources -- Virtual Salt article, 1997
OCLC White Paper re librarians & web usage June 2002

Pew Internet & American Life Project -- people's evaluation of credibility of web-based health information
Babson College - Evaluating Quality on the Net, 1995/2000

Evaluating Information on the Internet, S. Brandt, 1996
Lubans, J (1999) Key Findings on Internet Use Among Students
Source attribution & perception of online news stories

Virtual Training Suite Evaluation Report, 2001  (RDN, UK)

Paradoxes of the Web: The Ethical Dimensions of Credibility, Library Trends, Wntr 2001 v49 i3 p441, Introduction).
Stephen Bigelow's Can You trust the Web

McCroskey, Cred, Mass Media -- Image of mass media news sources (article, 1975)

McCroskey, cred, dimensions, speech -- Measuring credibility of basic speech communication instructors (article, 1974)
McC, Classroom Seating & CA -- (article, 1978)
McCroskey, pub list -- List of published articles, including source credibility
DoD Joint Course in Communications Class 98D Team 2 - References -- -- News, PR & Rhetoric; including ethos and credibility

Speech, Power, cred, non-courtroom -- Speech styles, effectiveness, non-courtroom setting, article, 1987, K. Green
Six Quests for The Electronic Grail -- (article, 1966)

Firehose> -- article, 1995; need for neteditors and netreviewers
Eric Digest  K. Schrock, 1998
Barnes & Noble.com - Book Search (Book; Web Wisdom, Alexander & Tate, 1999)

Critical Literacy (1996) --
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff -- 1998, updated 2002, K. Schrock
Several studies by Trochim, Cornell

SAMPLE Web pages:

Macktm (W/ EX - TWO TOWNS)
The Museum of Hoaxes
Hoax Websites: A-J
Hoax Websites: K-Z
Hoax Sites

Hoax Websites
Jacopo di Poggibonsi
BBC News | BUSINESS | American investors 'mcwhortled'
McWhortle Enterprises, Inc.
Golden Gate Tunnel
January/February 2002 Newsletter, Museum of Hoaxes

Webquest on the Reliability of Information on the WWW (biologycorner.com, with examples)
Hoaxes/Legends, from Walt's Forum
Va Tech - Bibliog on Eval Internet Res (includes checklists & hoaxes)
UCLA College Library Instruction Hoax? You Decide!
Mankato, MN Home Page (EX)
Hoaxes - Better Read That Again: Web Hoaxes and Misinformation

Hoax sites, Auburn U
Biased (commercial) site on dyslexia  (from Cleveland State tutorial; quiz at Step 4)

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Keyword CR... -- UTA; including six on credibility

MARGINALLY RELATED to source cred project


Internet Research: Searching the World Wide Web -- Purdue, OWL, searching
WWW Virtual Library, Information Quality
Overall quality of web page
VaTech, Types of Periodicals
Searching the Internet Effectively
HyperLiteracy? -- and disinformation...

Scholarly vs. Popular journals, and more (Cornell)
Links to Library Web Resources -- ALA
The Chronicle: Opinion & Arts: January 21, 2000 (on search engines)
Evaluate the credibility of online information -- basic checklist from Searchengines.com



Example of annotated bibliography

OTHER STUFF::::::::::::

Writing:  Conference on Basic Writing - Home Page



Teachable Moment: Photographic Truth in the Digital Era

The Chronicle: View results (article re ethical considerations of online research)
Penn StateU's Media Lab Source Attribution Study

Citation examples from Sonoma State

Good overall research info site
http://www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/college/help/guides.htm#WebEvaluation (includes some entries on plagiarism)
Term Paper Tips and Research Strategies, UC Davis
Research Guide from University of New Brunswick -- includes links to search engines, meta search engines, search engines to the "invisible web," and links to selected evaluation websites
Guides to Finding Information on the Web, University of Georgia, search engines, citing sources, etc.
Searching the Internet, Class Handouts -- from Berkeley
Best Stuff on the Web -- Berkeley, good html slide show on searching (use Explorer)
Internet Public Library -- Web Searching
Searching, Scout Archives, University of Wisconsin
Argus Clearinghouse (ended Jan 2002)
Search engine notes
http://www.dccc.edu/academics/faculty/tutorials/search/index.htm -- Website, Search  (buried treasure)

Internet literacy
Machine Assisted Reference Section (MARS, ALA)