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Selected Technology Links, alphabetical


Selected Technology Links, alphabetical

(Hopefully) Useful Links for Pedagogical Renewal
AACE Publications - IT ED
AACE--Assn Adv Comp Ed
About JoSoTL - Journal
Academic Commons (Wabash College; new, Aug. 2005)
Academy of Mgt Prof Devel - TEACHING JOURNALS
Advances in Education - TECH - PED - Many
AECT -Assn for Ed Communications and Tech
AECT Publications
AERA.NET Front Page
American Studies Electronic Crossroads - Georgetown
ARL Bimonthly Report 211 Scholars Portal
ARTICLE - Thoughts on Ed Tech THEORY
ARTICLE Library - Research - Survey - Pedagogy
ARTICLE, Through a dark wood - QUOTABLE
CAT Selected Journals on PEDAGOGY
Center for Academic Transformation Articles (Dated)
CITAL - Computers in Teaching and LEARNING - GOOD LIST
Computers in T & L - PEDAGOGY, GOOD LIST - and Theory
Decision Modeling - Game theory
Design - University of Maryland - LINKS - CURRENT!
ED TECH - LINKS & pedagogy
Ed Tech Resources, Centre for Academic Practice, LINKS, Warwick
Education Resources - Various
Educational Technology RESOURCES & JOURNALS
eLearn Magazine Archives
E-learning JOURNALS
Exec Summary HOW PEOPLE LEARN - Brain, Mind, Exp, and School
Google Directory - Reference Education Instructional Technology
ILTweb (bit dated...)
Informational Technology in Teaching (papers JOURNALS)
Insight Instrument Library (online evaluation form)
IT Globael Resource Network, Learning Theory... AECT
Journal of Technology Education (VOC)
Kaspar's on-Line Publications (JOURNALS)
LINKS - CURRENT! - Ohio Supercomputer Center - WebED
List of Periodicals on Teaching (JOURNALS)
NAT'L ARCHIVES Digital Classroom
Pedagogy (JOURNALS)
Pedagogy (some other JOURNALS)
Pedagogy, Inquiry Based Learning
Resources for Faculty - Wayne State - LIST
Searle Center for Teaching Excellence
T & L with Tech StJohns - Many LINKS, some JOURNALS
Teaching & Learning Links (LIST) DATED
Teaching & Learning on the Web- Maricopa
Teaching in Higher Ed - SLU - Lengthy LIST (1998)
Teaching Resource Exchange
Technology and Engaged Learning Bibliography (1999)
The Center for the Study of Tech and Soc - Education (2000)
The Instructional LEVELS of the Web Model
Yahoo! Directory Education Instructional Technology

Open Courseware Idea Spreads (Chronicle, Mar. 4, 2005; subscription)

[Includes a list of eight universities that offer course materials online]

To which must be added Duke and Purdue (podcasting)


Education & Teaching -- Technology

WebCT -- About Us
UNC - Division of Information Resources
Good page of annoted links (albeit from Ireland)
WCU Office of the CIO
WCU - 12/02 - WebCT v Blackboard
WCU - Faculty Technology Survey - Fall 2002
The Pew Learning and Technology Program
The Future of Higher (Lifelong) Education - Rossman (Global Research, Missouri)
The Technology Source
The Technology Source, Current and Past Issues (Michigan Virtual University)
The Technology Source, "The Future of Higher Education" - Interview with Parker Rossman
The Technology Source, The Impact of Computer-Based Testing on Student Attitudes and Behavior
The Technology Source, Past Assessment Articles
The Technology Source, The Technology Revolution - An Interview with Frank Newman
The Technology Source, The Evolving Role of Course Management System Providers in the Transformation of Education - An Interview with Blackboard's Matthew Pittinsky
The Technology Source, Rising Stars in Virtual Education - A Peek into 2010



Information Technology Services
Online Information Sheets
Campus Pipeline - Campus Life
WEB Access to Classes Folders on APPSERVER1
Why We Chose CourseInfo
WCU - Resources for Distance Learning
WCU - Resources for Distance Learning
Campus Pipeline - School Services
WCU IT Services Search Form
IT-Org Assessment PwC
WCU - Resources for Distance Learning
WCU - Resources for Distance Learning
VMS Account Tools
How To Use WS-FTP
VMS Account Tools
Fowarding Email Accounts
Online Information Sheets
Coulter Faculty Center-T&L Web Resources
UNC Information Technology Strategy
UNC TLT Collaborative Home Page
UNC TLT Collaborative Projects and Initiatives
UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology
UNC Institutional Profiles 2002-2003
Other articles, books:
Implementing the Seven Principles, Technology as Lever - Ehrmann & Chickering
The Chronicle: 2/22/2002: Ever So Slowly, Colleges Start to Count Work With Technology in Tenure Decisions (subscribers only)
Chronicle - Technology Will Reshape University (free)
Book, Nat'l Academies Press, Preparing for the Revolution: (2002), Table of Contents
Book, Deep Learning for a Digital Age: Technology's Untapped Potential to Enrich Higher Education (
Informing Ourselves to Death (Neil Postman, 1990)
Atlantic, The Computer Delusion by Todd Oppenheimer (for a 'contrarian' view)
David F. Nobel on "Digital Diploma Mills" (also a contrarian view)

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